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Hi Ruty,

i have a small doubt.

my application status shows it as - Evaluation Stage. Does that mean i am selected for the GD/PI round, or do i need to wait for my status to change to - Shortlisted?

Also, is it ok if my recos reach you in a few more days? I have not been in town so have been unable to send them across

Hi Seniors,

my score is 80.5 and rank is 639.

i understand, you can apply for 3 courses for GD/PI.

Could i please advise me about which ones to apply for.

I have very good acads [ 90% in Xth and XIIth and first class in engg]

also, i have a work ex of 17 months if counting up to Dec 2006 in a reputed MNC, but they are asking for 2 years work ex for some of the courses. does that mean i cant apply for these?

Please advise

Merit No. Roll No. Name Written Score
(Out of 200)
Remark 639 417000249 APARNA AGARWAL 80.50 Qualified for MBA (Full Time)
2007 2009 CBT & GD/PI.

thanks so much.. finally can go to sleep..

what are my chances ???

and what does the merit number signify??

hi.. someone please check my score and tell me..

wont be able to sleep at night ??:

my roll no is : 417000249

and my DOB is 15/01/83

Hey seniors, some advise this way too please..

i got a rank of 2101 with a total score of 56.5..

work ex - 17 months and excellent acads..

do i stand a chance with anyone at all

puys, im thoroughly confused ..

what should i do next.. as in who all should i apply to and all

VA - 19.75
LR - 17
quant - 5 ??:
di - 14.75

total - 56.5

rank - 2101

work ex - 17 months in s/w

also, where can i fond out the cut offs and all from?

please please please help

quant - 76.7
DI - 71.81
verbal - 98.98

overall - 91.33

who'll believe that im an engineer and not the Art's crowd..

anyways, can youll please tell me what colleges i stand a chance with?

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puys, the results are out on

hey puys.. its official.. the result is today...

anybody know when and where???


ALL THE BEST everybody