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yeah Akshayam was awesome fun...both organizing and participating!!!

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Converted IMT-G
But would be joining MDI.
Feels really good dat such a nice college thought of me to be an able candidate
!!! :D
Thnx a lot IMT-G

hey puys.....the shortlist is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


not able to download the excelsheet. my nmat id is 11001987.
date of examination is 05-12-2010. can u send the details?

how to solve questions of second level and third level airtmetic progressions??
Q. What is the sum of first 100 terms of series- 2,3,5,8,12....

@targetcat_2010-Although I'm not a threat, I'll be giving you company!!!!
But really happy to see the immortals away from our slot...


All cut-offs cleared and AIR-58!!!!
hope to go ahead like this!!!


sorry for spamming!!!
but when are the results expected???

Had taken this one long back(second day of the window) and knew that I had screwed it. But didn't know things were this bad Anyway my scores:

Attempted: 58
Correct: 41
Incorrect: 17
Score: 106

Sorry the link disappeared from my homepage.

Bad bad time to get a below par score. But still, I have few more days to work on it. Having taken over 110 mocks in the last year and a half, it's beginning to show. Time to chill, relax and enjoy the last few days, I guess

SamX: It will be very sad if you don't get a 100. Even a 99.99 won't do.

geminite: This was the beginning of your comeback ;)

Sharma: "As it has before, this too shall pass and then I will be happier than I ever was" Yaad rakhna ye

caartey \\____-____O_/ People watch out for this person.

LuckyM: Where is the edited pic with your name in it

ABCLIKS: Peaking at the right time ;)

santhosh, hbz, nik.nat, .z.: All of you have been very consistent throughout. Hopefully things will be great at the end :)

Am sorry, I know, I have missed many names in this post of mine. I wish I were a bit more cheerful :)

pls give your analysis of the test.....we all eagerly wait for that!!!!:D