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Just a print out of the email sent from ISB..Do carry a pen as you have to write the 50 word essay :)


One question to R1 Guys. What did you took along with you during the interview. Did you took your certificates, marksheets etc or only resume. Or did you took the print out of the isb application.
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My two cents : Hey to put end to speculations,during my interview the one word essay was discussed.. sorry missed that out in the debrief..My one word was 'pen' & i wrote about a personal experience...It was discussed right in the beginning of my i/v

saads1999 Says
None among the 57 interview exp we analyzed in Co2013 R1 reported that one-word essay discussion happen during their interviews. I tend to agree to the views written above. That being said I would not take these essays lightly. One of your interview panelists may take fancy in your one-word essay and start asking questions.

Transaction Number is perhaps only for wire transfer..as mentioned if I remember correctly..

Hey guys!!
The online application portal asks me to enter the transaction number for ny net-banking transfer.
What do I enter?
Should it be the Transaction ID or the number that appears in the description??

1) Passport size...make sure the photograph is in business formals.
2) Along with the statement of Integrity.
3) It's okie
4) No idea

Hello fellow aspirants and R1 admits!

Can you please answer my queries:-
1) In the pic upload section, a pdf is to be uploaded (containing the passport size pic in 300dpi) but the resolution makes it a lot more bigger when it is opened in pdf. Should I just look upon the passport-size aspect rather than the resolution only??

2) In the instructions, it is mentioned that the signature is to be scanned in 200dpi but where is it to be uploaded??

3) In Statement of Integrity section, I just copied the text given, took its printout and wrote my name and signed below it and later, uploaded it...Is it ok??

What is the significance of the rectangular box on that page??

No idea

Thanks in advance..Will be of great help if you could reply. The deadline is near!

30th November

vickyspeaks Says
Can any R1 admit let us know, what is the last date of accepting the offer?

Congrats Guys !! anyone from Delhi..

What are you guys doing before joining..How many of the souls are going to put in their papers this month end..

Yup !!! I am in from Delhi

ankit.1123 Says
has anyone from delhi got a call as yet?

I am through !!!

Thanks guys !!!Sent the mail

Guys need your help on this..should I send such a mail


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Dear Mr Menon,
I am a R1 applicant and have completed my interview
If there are any important job achievements that have happened post my submission of application /interview which I want to highlight in my application.How do I do it ?

His reply : Send a mail highlighting ach to pgpadmissions