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Thanks for giving us an insight into the plethora of activities taking place in IIT B which we cud be a part of.....Lets see how much time we get for dem and how far we can involve ourselves...


Thanks for showing way to lost souls like me by creating the orkut community....hv joind tat and wud be active pretty soon...(gotto wake up early tomorrow so not today)...
btw your presence has been felt....:p

wow ... i think thats really good news. A much required relief (not sure if every body will agree with me) :P

btw, some one (during the gd/pi process) told me that a new hostel, facing the Powai lake, is being built and new batch i.e. our batch, will stay ther ?
IS that true ?

Although I dint stay in hostel...wen i came for the GD/PI process...but I heard frm people tat it was truly awesome..Powai lake view ,Hiranandani etc...is it the one we r gonna get wid single occupancy...seniors please divulge info???
Yeah true there is no activity on this thread at all....

I guess since everybody has been assigned a buddy/mentor, most of the doubts are getting clarified their itself...

My mentor is Anoop and he has been extremely helpful in solving all my queries.....:p

yaar....koi mere buddy ko bolo ki mere sawaalon ka jawaab de de...Pramit Joshi ji...plz thoda time nikaalo apni vyast dincharya se...

arre ... maine to abhi tak apne buddy se kuch poocha hi nahi ..
(i bet he might be thinking what a passive guy i am )
but unke exams chal rahe hain yaar.. thoda reham karo ..

but, this is a useless post. just to ensure that something is happening on this thread.
btw, does anyone know how the roommates are alloted ? do we have a choice ?

bhai...no idea abt roommates...btw are u gonna bring one alongwith as in koi yaar dost joining SJMSOM
For those of us... who're joining/planning to join...

please join the ORKUT Community at:



SP ka aane do....abhi

Hi guys...whr is the junta joining SOM./...nobody making their presence felt????
Kahan ho????:lookround:

Guys...even the same case has happend wid me...offered Nagpur even though dint even fill it in the preference...had 96.25%ile wid 69.xx in DI ,...anyways I feel that dis time arnd d ones offered Nagpur now wud be considerd for Gzd...list coming on 25th wen d date of fee is till 30th....no waitlist nos...offerd nagpur widout asking for ...picture regring IMT admissions has always been hazy...

Nyways wont be joining as hv better converts...so wtlst people all d very best!!!!

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Hi Seniors!!!!

When can we expect the Final Placement Report 2009 of DMS IIT Delhi?

I wud be joining SOM as well!!!!
Hats off to u for the marvelous job u guys did for us!!!!!
Srikant,Raveesh,Mukul,Presinjit and all others...
The best managed admission process...among the 11 interviews i attended...Kudos to u guys...answering each and every query...and guys like me cud get all the required info...despite being mute spectators...with a few random posts here n there...guess we would endeavor to live up to the high standards set by u guys....and make lives easier for the next batch...guys...please give us insight into the salient features of life@SOM i know dere is a thread...but still wud like to know frm our immediate seniors...abt all under the Sun that is worth knowing n not knowing abt SOM...

Tarun Saini
Batch of 2009-2011


Hi Viral,

I also got the mail regarding the "Operations and Consulting Confluence"...Is there any dress code to be followed for the same???

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I have a Character Certificate frm School and a Course Completion Certificate from college in which it is mentioned that my Character and Conduct has been found to be Good.Will that suffice????