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hey guys..

i am provisionally selected with merit 115 and a score of 101.5

old rank: 174
new rank : 115

i wanted to opt for retail or services... do i stand a chance?? please help guys..


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hi guys!
sorry for posing again..but running really very short of time..GD?PI is tomo only..
would someone please review the above posted SOP...TIA..

hi guys!

Name: taru dhawan
Waiting List : 26
specialization: Sys n Fin
Would definetly join if it coverts!(wud b a miracle though:grin:)

@bharat..thanks a lot..would redo it and post again..

hi puys,
posting this for a fren..
please pour in your comments...

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement. My dream of becoming an efficient manager in the future can be realized if I take a step towards it. The various extracurricular activities that I have been part of from organizing cultural events at school ,to heading the technical council & coordinating placements when in college have boosted my management & leadership skills and hence elevated the level of confidence in me. While being a Mechanical Engineer made me analytically strong, working in the IT industry made me logically sound. The 20 months of work experience in the emerging field of IT has made me realize that prospects are mind boggling and even more so for some one armed with potent combination of technical proficiency and well honed business skills. From developing the applications to preparing business proposals, estimations and cost analysis, I performed the role of not just a software Engineer but also a program analyst leading a team of four in Infosys. I believe that it's high time for me now to move ahead from decision making at technical level to a more strategic level .I am confident that my strengths, potentials and my strategic & analytical abilities would help me become an efficient manager. I wish to pursue formal management education to augment my skills further and attain a thorough understanding of the nuances of business and corporate world. An MBA from a pioneering institute like NMIMS with its exceptional faculty members, rigorous industry oriented curriculum will help me in getting focused knowledge of business concepts and shrewd practices, which is in line with my career objectives. Also, my industrial experience will help me understand and correlate the theoretical aspects better to deliver innovative solutions in the competitive business environment. I feel convinced that NMIMS will provide me the right pedestal for gaining a Masters degree in Management and hence will be a step in the right direction towards my goal.

here goes my SOP for NMIMS(sectorial)..
wud someone please review..

ok had my interview at 1 pm today for pharma..

9th floor (lift was working ) , building opp NM .. signs everywhere so no confusion..

registration started at 1 where u need u submit ur sop n work ex.. then we were asked to wait in a room.. VC N.M Kondap gave a lil speech.. told us not to divulge our marks at any stage.. he also commented "i'm sure whatever i say today will be on pagalguy by eve"

we waited till 2:30.. then we were asked to go to the 8th floor.. waited again.. finally they called my group (grp 2 - ard 8 ppl) .. 2 panelist.. very kind n nice.. they gave us 4 topics for presentation.. each had to choose any one.. prepare for 15mins n then give a one-to-one talk abt it for approx 5 mins.
topics - globalisation is it necessary
indian examination system shud be scrapped
why does india lag behind china
n smth abt corruption in demoracy

our panelist told us right in the start that they won't be asking any questions on the presentation.. but in the room next to ours (grp 3) they were asking questions so u need to be careful.. some of them got topics like 'love marriage' , 'environment - who is responsible for it' , n again smth on corruption.

after everyone was done they called us one by one for the PI.. it was very smooth.. smiles n giggles everywhere.. hardly lasted 10 mins.. nothing imp.. why pharma? .. why wud u be good at it?.. very basic stuff.. nothing technical.

all the best everyone!

u didnt have a Gd??
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hey guys!

i am waiting list 26..systems and finance..dont think i stand any chance..dont know what went wrong..


i think we'll have to give a presentation on a certain topic..like for ICFAI..aspirants were given few topics before hand , and they had to come for the GD/PI along with the prepared presentation on any one of the topics..
dont know hwz it gonna be like at NMIMS...they might as well mention it in our call letters..



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hey puys!!

i've got cals from all 4 courses in group D vis. retail, banking, global biz, services
services- 84
global- 173
banking- 151

what are my chances in banking??
which is the best course???
how much does my workexperience of 18 months matters??

also will i be taking 4 GDs or just 1 as all courses are in the same group??


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hey guys..
can someone frm great lakes plz let me know the CAT cut offs that cud make it to the college in the past few years..wud really help..TIA