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Hey Guys... I am new to pagal guy & this is my first attempt at a profile evaluation, and i am not sure if profiles like mine are accepted at B-schools.My parents were migrant labourer i would travel with them wherever they would get work, it was in class 8th that we ended up living in an army camp for 3years as it was being built up,learnt english,did my 10th in CBSE scoring 71% in 2003, went on to drop out for a year as my father fell sick and we lost him eventually, traveled across the country, took up commerce and cleared my 12th with a 76% in CBSE boards in 2006.After this, i enrolled into B.com fulltime and worked in Genpact (a BPO) on part time basis for 8months. In the 2nd year of my graduation,june 2007, i started working with an NGO that worked on lively hood and public health projects for bonded labourers and rose up to be their national program coordinator by december 2011. Scored 50% in B.Com with a 1year drop from 2006-2010.

In dec 2011, I decided to move towards the corporate side of Healthcare, and in January 2011 joined a leading hospital chain as an intern,and through subsequent interviews in June 2012 was absorbed as a management trainee (where they only take masters in hospital management). Got promoted this june and now work as an assistant manager in operations.

All that i have learnt in these years has been on the feild and i wish to go to a good school as a full time student, my GMAT stands at a 770. And i am wanting to apply for the class of 2015.

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Hi, I don't intend to steal tanvi's thunder here, but I was curious just how important it is to articulate long term goals versus short term. 10 years down the line, I'm sure everyone would ideally want to be VP/CEO. How do you set yourself apart in that regards?
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@tanvisingh_2009 You have an excellent GMAT score and I am sure you will be able to talk about a lot of professional and personal achievements. What would help your case however would be goal clarity. You should be clear on where do you see yourself in future. 10 year down the line would you be working as a VP - Operations with a corporate, a COO with a healthcare startup or an entrepreneur in social sector. Your choices are not limited to these however if you can take this long term goal stand you can weave a very logical career path, because from this long term goal you can go onto deriving your short term goal and why exactly do you need an MBA. I hope I answered your question. Please feel free to ask if you have any other doubts?

-- Team Ivyctor

@Vishal -- Nice initiative Vishal, during our time (the 15th batch admission's) orkut was famous & we the IIHMR orkut group was very active. But then,we were missing out on Pagalguy, good effort put in.

@All - Folks, I am Tanvi, with the 2010-012 batch & also a place comm member, let me know if there are any placement specific queries.


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Hey everyone,i got 86 percentile in mat,a composite score of 560,9 months of work ex as a BDS....wat chances do i have??????????

Do iihmr's accept cat score too????

Hey...86 percentile is good enough, IIHMR does accept CAt scores but the MAT ones r prefered
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Folks, i am currently studying at IIHMR,Jaipur...in case u need any help or further info,let me know


Hi, i a newbie on this site and have just started preparing for MAT, wanted to know if the arun sharma book for DO and LR will be as per MAT question stndards or is it much more advanced?

Please do help

Hi, i have just started preparing for MAT and MAH- CEt, if any seniors can please suggest me the books that i can use for LR and DI preparation. I have started with RS agrawal MBA maths for Maths and material from PT for English.
I really wanna score above 790 in MAT, so please suggest books and also the threads that i can subscribe to here on PG, i did search for them but did not find any, so if you seniors can provide the links, i will be grateful.

Thanks :

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