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Do we need to carry any documents for the GD/PI? I have lost my ID and pswd for the site, luckily have a copy of gd/pi hall ticket...

Please reply.


its ok
dont worry
GD/PI hall ticket is enough

but you will need id and password afterwords for filling option form etc...

So try and search it

TAnu PAnwar
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@ tanupanwar

As I have told you I have 124 marks with 34 still up for grabs..I m an OMS candidate....Can I xpect to get into colleges like say NL Dalimya and Rizvi after 3 caps...And you said I might sneak into PUMBA....is ithere really a chance?????I can wait till the last CAP round....

Yes, chance cannot be denied...but only in subsequent rounds,
and you will surely get into colleges like N.L Dalmiya, Rizvi etc,
but just an advice, take ur decision very carefully....
I have wasted 1 yr of my life whn i took a wrong decision, destiny favoured me and i got a chance of studying in a good college this yr, but this does not happen every time, so be very careful.

Tanu Panwar
Keep this link in handy for monthly GK material

Competitive Exams in India

Good Link,
thanks for this, it will be very helpful to me,as I am starting my prepration for Civil Services this year. :cool2:

Tanu Panwar
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Here is the third set of questions:

1. Which two financila advisory companies have recently announced to increase their employee base in India by 2010?

2. Satyam computers ahs announced setting up of a software development centre and facilities for R & D and training in which country?

3. Delta airlines has finalised deals with which aviation company to create world's largest airlines?

4. Who is the MD and CEO of NCDEX?

5. What is the hike in CRR which has come into effect in two phases?

6. Name the Israile investment firm which is interested in buying a 10% stake in TATA Tele Services?

7. Who is the CEO of Merrill Lynch & Co.?

8. What is the tagline of Samsonite?

9. Who is the CEO of Delta Airlines?

10. Who is the President of Bharti Airtel?

Answers will come shortly...

Tanu Panwar

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Hey Guys,

Here are answers for my 2nd set:

1. Who is the CMD of Vishal Retail? R.C. Aggarwal.

2. Reliance industries is in talks with which homeopathic clinic chain for a shop in its hyper market chain? Dr. Batra's

3. Name the India who was the first Asian to be appointed as the chief economist of IMF? Raghuram Rajan

4. What is the tagline of BSNL? Connecting India

5. Name the person who can be the new Vice chairman of WIPRO? Suresh Vaswani

6. RIL has set its sight on acquiring a mjority stake in the oil refinery of South Arabia. Name it? Jizan Oil Refinery

7. Who is the Petroleum Minister? Murli Deora

8. Who is the MD of CISCO ventures? Joydeep Bose

9.Who owns United Spirits ltd? Vijay Mallya

10. Who is the chairman of KPMG international? Tim Flynn

Good Try...

Tanu Panwar

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nightsky Says
hi,could please,please,please,please anyone giv me any idae abt.ims ghaziabad.how is it for mba,its packages,its location,hostel etc......................please anyone help me.....i really need it.

I one line...: Its not good, not even worth trying for.

My frnd did her MBA from there hwo yrs back, and she is still working on some very bad profile and package and in a remote location, so dont even try ...

Rest the decision is totally yours.

Tanu Panwar
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Its 170 for All India quota right ?

And what would be the rankings of the top 5 clgs thru CET and their tentative fees ? Do all clgs provide hsotel facilities ?

Ranking keeps on changing... and MUmbai colleges get locational advantage... but apart from JBIMS all are more or less same...

and yes hostel facility is there for all the colleges, but university hostel in colleges like JBIMS, Sydnem and PUMBA is alloted based on merit

Fees is also different for all the colleges,
Fees for JBIMS is 70,000+ and for PUMBA is 40,000 p.a.

for informaion like this you can check Shikshan Shulk samiti link on DTE website...
You will get all the information there.

Tanu PAnwar
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hello PuYs,

This is Akshay Tathe from Nagpur university. I have the following queries
1. My CET score is 128/200 with PAR 4/6(98.06 percentile). I belong to OBC category. My ATMA converted score comes out to be 146(99.82 percentile). What chance do I stand to get into PUMBA ?
2. Is there any scholarship system in place for OBC students?
3. Also wanted to know about the hostel facility.
4. Do I need to get a migration certificate from my home university while joining ?
5. Finally, by what time will the merit list be displayed ? My company joining date is 20th June and I need to know what place I stand by then. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush they say


Hey Akshay...
here are the answers to your questions:

1. You have a very good chance of getting in PUMBA...just fill your option form correctly.

2. Yes, students who belong to category do get scholarship.

3. We have university hostel which is given based on merit, but i think you will get hostel as ur Percentile is good.

4. Yes Migration certificate is required, its better it you get it in advance so that future problems can be avoided.

5. I think only this will be a problem as the list is displayed preety late, some where in July, so this can be a problem, rest all is fine.

All the best

Tanu Panwar
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There was a mini aundh meet :drinking:

more later.

no pics, thats way nothing can be proved.


My apologies for not coming to the meet, something important came up at the last moment

BtW... wht abt the snaps and all...do tell me....who all turned up...wht all happened...

Waiting for reply...

Tanu Panwar
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Hi friends. Anyone from the commerce faculty who has completed his interview from Welingkar or any other colleges. Please post the questions asked.

Following are the list of questions which are generally asked to a student from commerce background:

1. Tell us about the subjects which you have read?

Ans. Think before answerng this question, as your answer will give the interviewer subsequent questions.So mention the names of those subjects first which you knw thoroughly

6. What all comes in final accounts.

7. Company final Accounts,

8. Partnership Final Accounts.

9. Marginal Costing.

10. What is Break even point?

11. What is GDP, NNP, Percapita Income, etc...

12. What is macro and micro economics, their difference?

13. What is Sensex.

14. What is Inflation/Deflation?

15. How many types of inflation are there?

16. What is CRR, SLR, Bank Rate?

17. What is monetary policy?

18. What is fiscal Policy?

19. What are open market operations?

20. What can govt do to control inflation?

21. What is the current rate of inflation?

22. What is Public Finance and Private finance?

23. What is Balance of Trade?

24. What is Balance of Payment?

25. Features of Indian Economy?

26. What is foreign Exchange and foreign exchange rate?

27. What is the current tax slab proposed by Govt in Budget 08?

28. What is WTO?

29. What is IMF?

30. What is Demand pull and cost push inflation?

31.What are stablization and structural policies?

32. What is disinvestment?

33. Role of agriculture in Indian Economy?

34. Important Points about Budget 08?

I think this list is enough indicative of what questions can be asked to a commerce graduate.
This list includes all those questions which were put to me or my frnds who have done B.com during PI.

I hope this helps you in some way...

And if you need help for answering any of these questions ...you are free to ask...
and its better if you ask here so that i can reply here only and other also get benefit of the same.

All the best to all

Tanu Panwar
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