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Rooney7 Says
there is no quota in kj, so not possible

yeah sorry... got dat wrong.. slipped outta my mind..
hi to all...
my score is 123/240
state rank is-1918
state category rank-70
univ catg rank -4

which college will i get????want Mumbai colleges...please reply...

I believe u r from SC category.
U can get welingkar n KJ in mumbai.. also if u r luckY enuf might sneak into sydenham..

P.S: My score is as follows:
category: SC
State General Merit No 1832 University General Merit No 248
State Category Merit No 62 University Category Merit No 9

Pune university..

The ranking depends upon our state category merit no..

The last date for withdrawal of admission is mentioned as 14th june.. also it says that the withdrawal form has to be sent by speed post.. incase i want to withdraw the admission on 14th will it be fine if i send the scanned copy of my withdrwal through mail before i send it thru speed post.. coz post will take time to get delievered... or would it be fine if i come in person at iim raipur and withdraw my admission.... kindly reply.. need to make arrangements accordingly..

Anyone from SC category who converted SJMSOM, IIT-Bombay after todays list(06/06/2012) and not joining ?? Pls reply... I need 3 such souls..

P.S: M wailist no 3-SC

Anyone from SC category who converted after todays list and not joining ?? Pls reply... I need 3 such souls..

P.S: M wailist no 3-SC

ram17 Says
which category u belong to?

SC Category

Guys need a bit of help..

The waitlist status for me is as follows:
IIM Udaipur- waitlist no 2
IIT Bombay- wailist no 10
IIM Indore - Waitlist no 31

What are my chances at any of these colleges ?? Also IIM Udaipur nxt list is gna b out on 2nd june.. should i pay the money der or shud i wait for indore or iit bombay ??

Thanks in advance

nigs56810 Says
wl-8 sc ...wat r my chances??????:sneaky::nono:

I think its a convert for u..
P.S : M wailtisted at 31 SC

just called IIM-U Office... they said they r still working on the list and the website would b updated by 7.00 pm today

waitlist 17 from 42 at iit bombay... any hopes for me ??