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just be patient , hopefully it shud be out today ... gut feeling ... and IFMR shud hav refund policy ... crosscheck kar lo

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same here ... i missed a very imp family function for the interview

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Seniors ,
I have a XAT percentile of 99.8 and had a average GD and below average PI .... wat can i expect !!!!! I mean how much chance is dere !!!!! Are there cutoffs to be cleared in GD/PI or dey consider total score .....

anyone can help me i dnt remember clearly what i have written in my XAT form ... though have a hazy idea ... anybody can give me link to see my form again ... would be of great help ..... thanks

Got my GD/PI details letter today ......

At Stapels , Kolkata , 14th March 9.00 Am anyone with me !!!!!!

Received the GD/PI details today.

Location: The Stadel, Kolkata
Date: 14th March,09
Time: 4:00 PM

Why is it that I don't see any candidates from Kolkata listed on PG Connect?

Guys please feel free to get in touch with me in case you've got a call for XIMB and your GD/PI is slated to be conducted at Kolkata.


Hi Asutosh

You dont find people in Pg Connect from Kolkata becuase people havent received their call letters , once they receive it they would update it ..... i am from Kolkata and i am still awaiting my interview dates .

Also I have received my mail for Mentorship . The details on mentor are given in the mail.
smartie Says
i have selected 23rd feb afternoon as my gd/pi slot. when will the afternoon batch start and generally how long does the whole process take?? i want to book the return tickets for the same day...

Last year the process ended at 5 pm , no idea about this year , as per my calculations on travelling time back to Santacruz , i think anytime after 8 pm shud be safe enuf !!!

Also you may call some guy who has his GD on 20 , 21 Feb batch and ask him about the timings !!!!!!
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Well my increase in marks from 66 to 72 , one thing which i dont understand is that if there have been some changes in Answer key , then why havent anyone seen a decrease in marks ( nothing against ) . Also i dont understand why Symbi hasnt provided the answey key . I think that would clear all the doubts .

For one thing is clear SYMBI has messed things up this time and i think this is really hurting their reputation !!!!!

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hey guys,
does anyone knw if involvement in family business is counted as workex or not??

yes , its counted !!!!
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mahajanrulz Says
hey guys...all v ppl (who have opted 4 GDPI on 26Feb) shld start a thread on orkut and share are views there.... wt say puys?

even i am in the forenoon slot of 26 feb , i have no problems in starting a thred in orkut , do let me know about it ( PM me )
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