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Aimssc Says
no I am here to keep an eye on you guys:nono::nono::nono:

Hehehe......Gud luck Ji..
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hahaha looks like lot of TCS guy are planning to leave, nt good for TCS.

anyways Hi I am your hiring manager HR, TCS noida

And u being the hiring manager at TCS, still following the thread, why so, so u too wanted to leave ;-);-);-)....Cheers.
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Any1 from TCS in this forum?
We can connect on Sametime!!!

Hi Ashutosh,
Im from TCS. We can connect if you wish. My sametime id m santosh, employee id 256953.
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Hi Guys,
Please confirm if there is anything we need to send to them in post except the Option form?


If we fill the option form online, do we still need to send the option form again in post ?

For reference"
Therefore, all the candidates declared successful for Interview /Skill Test are requested to submit their detailed options for the posts in order of their preference in the proforma prescribed and sent it to the concerned Regional Office on or before 21.10.2011. The facility of online option will also be available on the website Staff Selection Commision from 01.10.2011 to 17.10.2011. Candidates submitting options online or offline must carry a copy of the option duly signed by them at the time of Interview /Skill Tests.
Thank you.

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rahulsingh3721 Says
maverick is right. You get Delhi as CSS is delhi based.. Cheers..

Hi rahul,
You may be right, but my doubt is why would the system consider Delhi posting when it is not at all listed in our location list given by us.

Or Is it mentioned anywhere that if we opt for CSS or ministries whose locations are always Delhi....we need not mark Delhi in preferences, which means the syatem automaticall detects Delhi as location zone for those posts.......
How is it, pls help..
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Hi Guys,
Anyone have any idea, if we select CSS or assistants in other ministries and do not select Delhi in our location preferences, we will still be alloted that post if we clear the cutoff.

Maverick already answered as yes(no disrespect meant in asking the same question)......

Just to cross verify if anyone else is aware of such a situation.......

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kjrocks Says
Koi nai yaar ... any idea 365 marks wala kaunse rank pe hona chahiye approx ?? any chances for ITI or Excise for that person ?? .. be frank

Just a small analysis, irrespective of any -ve negatve marking introduced this year, the interview marks and the average interview marks would remain the same....
so as lat year cutoff is 424 and the last one who converted excise is around got 488........seeing the difference is 64......we can conclude and atleat auume that this year too the last convert would fal around Cutoff+65......so as the cutoff is 355, 355+65=420 shall be the marks approximately of the last convert, which means 365 guy can score 55-60 and can convert Excise........
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Maverickm4a1 Says
nahi boss..if you have got enough marks to clear the cutoff for css..you will be defintely posted into css which are only in delhi...take my word...

Thank you Maverick,
By the way I havent got enough, Scored 364 in UR category and opted for preventive officers as 1st preference in Andhra.....follwed by excise,examiner, .......do u think there is any chance of converting them with a average interview score..say like 50-55..
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Maverickm4a1 Says
prefernce is thru posts and not locations so if you have scored well to clear css cut off you will get it...irrespective of location pref

Hi Maverick,
That may be true , but without an option of Delhi in the locational preferences, I doubt if the system would consider for the posts in Delhi,

For eg all the Ministry posts and CSS are located only at Delhi as far as I know, then in that case if we opt for such jobs and if Delhi is not there in our preferences, i guess it would not consider. Please let me know if there would be any alternate approach by the system alloting the posts....

By the way, do u have any idea abt posts in Ministries outside Delhi...any info on the above would be very much appreciated.
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Hi Guys,
Can anyone let us know the last year cutoff overall for Preventive Inspector or Examiner? .....General

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