Alok Paul @alokpaul13
Hi All, I have converted Nitie ITM , IIM(Rp,Kp,T,U) and as of now I have decided to join IIM-R. I have a total experience of 39 months in IT(Infy + Accenture). What would be the right college for my profile ? I am interested in IT consulting and Operations. Regards, Alok
@Ignicion2013 Hi. I have been transferred from Bangalore to Mumbai office. I am having my interview in Bangalore on Feb 13th and I would like to have it in Mumbai. It has been mentioned in the Call letter that no change of GDPI centre / dates would be entertained. Still, is there any hope for centre change if we give a request to the admissions office? Please help.
@rohitmateti may b there is some error.,, othr than that there is no way for your name to be missed out from the list., just give admissions committee a call.,, regards, Vikram
composite score of 62.60 and yess.,, got a call from my dreammm college.,, JOKA.,, I am comingggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best ever day in my life.,,,,,, atb to all call getters.,,
@nikhil343 just go thru the previous year threads to get an idea of what is xpected of you in an interview.
@Anu_kanni go for cat once again
@nikhil343 nc_obc certificate is valid for only a year. yu have to get a new one i suppose.,,
@abhi2789 yu would most probably get a call from IIM C and L. you will surely get a call from IIM I and new iims. IIM K depends on your X and XII board. no idea abt IIT's., sorry.
Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
[image] Pic: Flickr Now that the Common Admission Test (CAT) results are out, the Indian Institutes of Management have begun to publish their shortlists. _We will be updating this article as the shortlists start coming in._ *IIM Kozhikode* has a link on PG forum where you can ask your quer...
vikram D @swiftvikram
@abhi.iimb cat oa 95.86 with qadi 95.73 & valr 91.38 nc_obc., X 88%, XII 90.25% & ug 75%., any chances for iim b?? thank you in ad.,,