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Mou Sukoshi Says
I m cat aspirant '08. is ne1 from kolkata willing to donate their time or cl study material? it'll b a g8 help

ya i have time material and mock series also.. u can collect it but the only thing is u have to collect it before 25th
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waitlist has moved till 45 for IIM A and 20 for IIM B. But nothing for IIMC. this is really bad for us waitlisters. Also i think its very bad on part of IIMC , they have no transparency in their system. declaration of total calls or others details from their side cud help people a lot..


neone has received the refund from imt g....

i ve been trying to make a call to all the four numbers given on the site.. but no bodys answering at all... and they are not even bothered to reply to mails..

please let me know if anyone has any idea how much time it takes to get the refund..

Ya, i got my refund. I applied on 2nd may and got my cheques yesterday
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v.k.s Says
Hi Puys, I withdrew my admission from IMT G, on ma 2nd and submitted an applicaion regarding the same to the admissions department @ IMT G, then they told that i will receive my refund (1000 deducted) within two weeks and till now there is no update from them. Everytime i call them up, they say its in process, i am little concerned, will they refund the money in time? I need to make DDs for my IIM cal admission and these guys are just frustrating to say the least.@ can any senior please throw some light on this

I too had withdrwan my admission on 2nd and got cheque yesterday from IMT.
Hope u will get urs soon
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The schedule for Freshers Meet 2008 is posted on the google group. Kindly fill the spreadsheet (also on the group) confirming your attendance ASAP.

~Debtosh Mishra
External Relations Secretary
IIM Calcutta

Can waitlist people join the yahoo group or can join the freshers meet
Dear All,

After waiting for almost a week, I downloaded the acceptance form from the net and sent it along with the DD.

However, I found out there are no courier service which cater to Kozhikode campus in particular... my sample being DTDC, First Flight and Blue Dart... even the good ol' Postal department told me "Sorry no speed posts ... Only Registered posts "....

I have sent it through Registered post today and ETA being 6-7 days..... time to keep my fingers crossed.... yes... again........

Can somebody kindly advise what to do next.... I was thinking of mailing/calling/both the admin and seek their advice..... :tellme:


I faced the same problem. Postal dept said no Speed post , only regd.
i have done the same but now a bit worried too.. plz suggest what shd we do now..
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2. When we had taken a loan no guarantee or collateral was required. Now the fees for your batch is not fixed yet. So the idea we had of finalising the loan formalities before you guys reach college might not happen.
You would have to pay the first term fees plus the hostel and mess fees. This would get reimbursed by the loan mostly


can you give me idea how much will this amount be ie first term fees plus the hostel and mess fee. Actually its very tuf for me to arrange the money.. i am banking on loan options only..
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Hi I will also be travelling from delhi...
I saw the flight ticekts to calicut.....damn expensive....:sad:
until we get a confirmed date we cant decide the journey date.....
prob if we are a group we can plan for train......

another advantage travelling with the train is that we wud b carrying a lot of luggage far exceeding the permitted limits by all airlines....

ya thats the problem, flights tkts are too costly and luggage problem will be dere, so we have to take train.. its better if we can form a group and can plan..
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Anyone else going from delhi??
if yes, wat are the means you are planning?? we have very few trains and reservation availability is a big problm...

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i have few queries..
1. Is it better to bring our formal suits or we can get them easily after joining Kampus.
2. For education loan , do we need any guranatee or collateral. how many days will it take for our loan. I mean do we need to pay anything , except this 65k from our pocket, before our loan will get finalized..
3. Wat abt weather there during winter?? is it too cold??

Thanks in advance, n sorry if samething has been asked earlier too...

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