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hi puys
i hv taken back my admission from welingkars pgdm bangalore as i got another admission in mumbai's coll
so there's one more vacancy for it
hope some1 else gets it soon in place of me
wish all the best
thanks for all the help on PG

hey when is the mms course lectures expected to start
is any1 hving any info
also what about dresscode

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confirmed my admission as well in pgdm bangalore
for now that is
thanks puys for all the info

lostanand Says
thnx swatibings....any idea do we hv to pay the hostel fees along with the rest of fees?

yes we need to pay the hostel fees now only
u can make seperate cheques or dd's or a single one also i suppose
thts wht they said on the phone
its better to make seperate ones
one for 1.29L and the other for 60K
i just wanted to know tht if we cancel the admission later on than is 60K refunded as well
lemme know if any1 knows
Hey ejaz,

the admission doc says, last day to pay fees is 20th august , 6 pm.
as u knw Welingkar mumbai is closed due to swine flu scare, wat shld be done..any ideas if the last date wil be extended to pay the fees?

hey i had just called them
actually nobody is picking up the phone at mumbai campus
so we called the bangalore campus n they trasfered the phone to mumbai campus
the college is open for admissions even though its closed otherwise
they said u will hv to tell the security guard outside tht u hv to take admission so they will let you go in
otherwise today is also a public holiday for pateti( parsi new year ) but coll is open only for admission for the pgdm course

hey puys
even i got pgdm bangalore
just called the weschool office mumbai now for some queries
she said tht the admission office is closed but u can send the candidate for conforming the admission
i had just called to ask whether they take our originals with them and for how long
any idea guys?
also when we cancel the admission then do we get the originals immediately

hi puys
had a small doubt
for the pgdm course in bangalore, ppl from mumbai will need to pay hostel fees of 60000 at the time of conforming the admission
but if i go for cancelling my admission b4 1st september will tht amount be returned as well ?
also does pgdm of we school from bangalore campus has the same value as mumbai's ?
is it starting from this year ?
pls reply

hey are there any more updates on the minority waiting list
pls share it if any
thanks all

payal28 Says
Guys can we submit the option form today? do we hav to visit the arc?

any updates on this
do we hv to go to ARC
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hey puys
can any1 pls give some info of mms minority waitlist
no one's picking the phones
are we required to visit the institute
pls anybody hving updates do post em here