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What about THOSE who were not able to make it to NIFT, Hyd

Well, i also congratulate those who cud NOT make it to NIFT, Hyd but obviously, i am not waiting eagerly for them!

hey everyone!

Congrats to all of you and Welcome to NIFT! and for all those who made it to Hyd., i am waiting eagerly. For any probs or queries, u can always PM me...


sorry for replying late guys. at our time, the gd/pi was only conducted in the delhi center and its a very cool interview, just that u shudn't lose ur cool at any point of time. this year, they're gonna stress on communication skills. and its a very good idea to meet ur seniors...u shud do that!

hey guys,

sorry for replying so late but my exams were on. i agree that nift conducts interviews very late but we cannot help it yaar. in a way, this is good also, coz by then many students have already taken admissions so u have a good chance of getting thru. as far as the process is concerned, there's no point to worry abt. in fact this will the easiest gd/pi. my topic last year was - "india shining - myth or reality". others had similar topics like "is mtv spoiling indian culture" etc etc. the topics on which u can easily speak. interview lasts hardly 5 to 10 minutes. very comfortable interview. a panel of 5 to 8 interviewers. they only ask u questions about ur background and general knowledge. they only thing u shud look for is that u shud be clear why do u want to go for this course? in my case they saw the objective on my resume and kept asking me if my objective would be satisfied by pursuing this the way, don't forget to carry ur resume even if they don't specify, they ask u to make it there itself. they didn't ask me a single question ant my background ( i am from computers background). to others they asked a few questions abt their background. u shud also see that u know abt a few brands and a few designers (altho this is not very imp.)

any other queries...i am always there...


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!

I look forward to see all of u as my juniors....By the way, any query, u can always PM me...



Do you prefer to buy Apparels online? If No, why?

as far as i know, its the same form for all the courses in NIFT. u just have to circle the course u r applying for in the form itself. the forms are available in UTI for Rs.200/= and u have to attach a dd of, i think, Rs.900 with the filled up form. Hurry up guys, the last date is 10th only, and the exam is on 6th Feb....

PG in technology is for ppl of engineering background and idtechnical in nature. it deals with the technicalities of garment in manangement is pure management stuff...

i donno much abt the placements of pg in tech but management does have a good placement record


its gr8 being a part of PG!

well, this course is definitely different from normal MBA courses.

just like IIFT specializes in International Management, this course is all abt fashion industry. i checked the prospectus of other b-schools to compare our syllabus and found out that we are studying most of the main topics from all the specializations, i.e. we are not specializing in any particular thing like finance, marketing etc. we are doing a bit of everything and applying it all in the fashion industry...