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To all who all are waitin for dates outside mumbai..am too an aspirant..but now i can tell u all with confirmation..
Intervoew will be between 21st may to 27th may at blre delhi,kol,bhopal..
Try to click on the applican form n guide pdf on thr home page n read it..thy hv edited ..it..ALL THE BEST ..if i m wrong then sorry.. i do not think i am wrong..bt do cross chck by ur own..once...

thanks for the info....they updated in the evng....and im waiting for admit card to know my exact date as i've cet gd/pi on may 21st at mumbai.....and I will come back to kolkata on 24th.....hoping that they wont clash......and seniors help me....wil they change the gd/pi date if i'm not able to attend the date they'd given??
debo89 Says
kolkata gd scheduled on 2nd may n wl go on tl 5th may..as the dates hs ben extened..are these dates gona b revised or ppl frm kol aftr 5th may who al r applyin wl hv to go to othr cities fr gd..or thr wl b round two gd like kjsom!

hey how did you get the info abt gd/pi dates at kolkata....?
coolmonty89 Says
even i did not received the admitcard..but they called me on my cell phone..and told me about my gdpi date n vanue and also about the my application no...

oh....when did you apply by the way?

will gd/pi held on april 27th and 28th as they mentioned before.....i applied for kolkata center and still i didnt receive the admit card....
someone please help...

i couriered the app form along with dd today....and i forgot to write my name,address and phone number behind the dd as they mentioned in the app form to do so.....will it be an issue?? please help

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IMDR is a very good college....this year imdr admsn will be thru cet....last year it was thru cat.....imdr will be 2nd best preferred in pune after pumba...

thank you so much sir and can you plz tell me some details regarding placements of IMDR
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Can anybody tell me about IMDR,Pune....its admission process is through CET....

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hi puys
i got selected for kengeri campus...
wanted to get into city campus though :(

i met a senior from main campus and he asked me to choose main campus over kengeri.....even though everything is centralized he said some edge will be there for main campus students.....
he said both campuses will conduct fests and competitions separately......and he said life at main campus rocks....

can anyone tell me about internships at christ..??

i filled the online form with Christ+VCU program as my first preference and Christ MBA program as my second preference.....but i want it in reverse order......so is it possible to change dat.....i didnt send the form and documents yet....
if it is not possible to change...can i take another challan and fill the details again...??
some one please help me...

kumudscool Says
No dude, its important and compulsory to keep the AC on 24 hrs.... What a Q!!!

kumudscool Says
Dude..even if its centralized the temp. controller has to be there in every room.. And its really a silly Q and u deserve that type of ans!!

kumudscool Says
I am sure Aseembajaj is dancing as he got the AC answer finally :)

hey kumudscool
dont you know how to behave in a public forum?
it is not the way to reply some query even you think it is silly:nono:
dont think every one in this world will be as "INTELLIGENT" as you are