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[hey, could you help me. I wanted to know if a person who has done graduation from chennai univ by correspondence ,eligible for MMS under MAH after CET.

vits Says
have forwarded you a copy of the mail that i had previously sent. :)

I have quiet some topics but could you send me the list too. Just to go thru. Have my GD tomorrow.
Hi Swatee,
I've edited the post, do let me know if u have any problems. Else PM me ur email ID. I'll send the document.


Thanks . cud access the doc.
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I have also mailed them, requesting a change in interview date, to 24th as the reporting time on 25th is clashing with MH-CET.
Unfortunately, i have not received a reply ... :-|
Will call them up tomorrow ....

Hey did you receive a reply for change in interview date. I have the same problem. Mailed them twice now.I thnk I ll call up tomorrow.
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Hi , guys got a call for PGDBM for 1 yr. But my interview date and CET are clashing. Will they help change the date. Can seniors please help.

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vinit456 Says
Hope this Document helps.

Hi, Sorry but I cud not access the document on equity and venture capital posted by u. Cud u please help.
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yeah and all work ex ppl should have a good 'working' knowledge abt their work area...had 1 yrs work ex...they asked me to explain the process followed in the company..more relevant for work ex in non IT companies...I for one worked in a production unit...so had to explain abt the production process.

I would advice ppl to know abt the company u worked in ,the latest happening there. Make sure u know wat to say when they ask u about ur work...u should be able to answer the qs that will follow after them...
yeah and please DONT FAFF
ppl who come there are profs who have pretty good knowledge on the matter.So if u dont know then jus say 'I dont know!!" :neutral:

I have work ex as an Underwriter in life insurance. What questions for PI flash thru ur mind for me . Actually I was into medical underwriting , but I guess they will grill me on financial aspect of insurance too. I am lost as to where to start.:confused:
mine was the first day first show right here at ximb... 9 am in the morning!

reached on time actually 15 mins earlier, we were waiting till 9:15 and no news when it is going to start.after a delay of 20-25 min we were called inside,9 people,all engineers(no fairer sex so no chance of biasness). we were told all the rules,no fishmarket,fighting,etc. There were 3 guys on the panel(later on got to know all are bigshots in ximb).

GD started, topic was "should internet content be banned"? All others were fresher except me and one more guy and only two of us fought for the cause that internet content shouldn't be banned (both of us got selected). GD was very calm and structured,everybody spoke,ended after 10 mins. in the interview it was all work ex related questions,if you are having work exp,prepare about your company and work very well. if by anychance u are working for tcs,infy,etc then god save u as these guys knew in and out about these cos.For freshers as i got to know from fellow group members it was all academics. For people who are living outside orissa and given orissa domicile be prepare for GK in orissa,its culture,history,current affairs,etc,etc.

Out of 3 panelist one was there sitting and laughing for whatever i told,i got to know later that in each of the interviews there was one guy like that from panel doing the same thing:(.ximb has tradition of picking up large % of engineers so in interviews they ask u all those basic engineering questions related to all the branches. This was all from my group, but i think an average performance in GD(not a bully one) and confidence in interview with 60% answers(backed by decent XAT score) should get anybody thu.

Hi, U say XIMB has a tradition of picking a large % of engineers, I am a MSc - Biochem .Hope they also believe in having a good mix of students from different acads backgrnd

Hi ! Has anyone in Mumbai got the call letter for PGPDM

Hey , Congrats to all the call getters !!
I too got a call.
Percentile 95.67
Experience - 36 months with a top private life insurer
Decent academics with MSc in Biochem.
Would like guidance with GD and PI . What all do I need to prepare ?