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i got 85.3 in feb mat...
i didnt filled the colg options carefully...n m thinking to apply additionally in other colgs through the same...
i want to do mba in operation management...can some1 plz suggest some good colgs that can offers programs in the aforesaid with my percentile....

hey seniors...
my nmat score is 162

but i did a blunder as i didnt applied for the pgdm course....

is there any option left for me????

plz help


shubhamchandra Says
Are you sure these are snap scores??

these re nmat scores...sorry for that...now plz answer

hey sorry....its nmat...now plz answer

hey everybody...
i got the nmat score as

its very low i know but pagal seniors said i can get a call for mba pharma...
well i dont have any idea what is mba pharma all bout???
also is it worth doing pgdm from narsee monjee ??
can i get a call for pgdm also???
plz reply...

thanx for that....what bout pgdm?? i really have no idea what mba pharma is....also is it worth doin pgdm from narsee monjee???

hi everybody..
i gave nmat n my score is 162..

i know its very low but can i get u know any sort of call...
plz do tell me honestly

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*Editor's note: *_The first part of the two-part series warns you about the common goof-ups at a GD. Basically, now you would know how to crack it in a crowd, and stand out. (Part two here)._ _Photo credit: S

its very important to consider these points in a GD...but few other experts told me that its beneficial to navigate, mention deviation from the topic and initiate others to speak as it shows one's leadership and politeness....

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We all know what factorials (n!) are. They look friendly and helpful but looks can be deceiving, as many quant problems have taught us. It is probably because Factorials are simple looking creatures, that most students p
Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Picture taken from the XLRI website_ If it can be called a change, the biggest change in this years Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) paper will that it will be a do-able paper and the level of difficulty will see a dip.

i just hope....i can make it to XLRI...thanx sir