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Hi everyone, Congo !!! to all those who made it to IBS Hyd and have decided to take up this wonderful opportunity...I am ofcourse one of them.

GD 29/30
PI : 24/30
ACADS : 34/40
Total : 87 /100

Does Feb Mat 2011 score get converted into MHCET ????

Hi everyone,

I attended the GD/PI on 20th Feb. Reached the campus at around 8.30 pm on 19th...had dinner in the canteen....food was not bad at all...the campus was beautiful, quite a lot of space...hostel rooms were really small..it ends as soon as it starts....a table, an iron cot, a small wardrobe and a small balcony. But the room was clean and so were the common bathrooms.

Had a walk around the campus, spoke to the watchman who was quite helpful, advised us to get up early and reach the registration place at 6 am.. Even though they mention the time as 7.30 am they start at 6.

So woke up early, went for the registration, got the first (A) Batch...Registration did not take time as there were just a few people there. Went back, got dressed (female applicants were dressed in jeans - shirts, semi-casual, formal pants, skirt, shirts, some wearing blazers and also kurtis and churidars, male applicants were also seen in jeans and shirt or complete formal trouser and shirt, some with tie and some with blazers) had breakfast which was quite alright and they had arranged a session at 8.30 am about IBS campuses - in India and Abroad...was kind of boring but ended by 9.15.

Then we were sent to our respective GD rooms around 9.30. 8 people per GD, 2 moderators, topic was "Capitalism is for rich and Communism is for poor" (one of my friends was given the topic - one has to sacrifice his morals to grow in the management field - something of that sort)...Most of us only had a faint idea about the topic...They gave us a paper to write down the points if we want, gave us 2 mins to think and then the discussion went on for 13 mins. It was more like a conversation between three of us while the others watched and nodded..we were all taking pointers from each other and beating around the bush. After 13 mins, each one was given one minute to conclude and the GD ended.

We were sent to the PI room around 10...I was the 4th one to go in. There were 2 interviewers..a lady and a gentleman. The lady somehow seemed very angry at me and didnt speak a word until the end. The gentleman made me feel quite at ease and started asking questions...

1. Where are you from
2. What do your parents do (A lot of people told me that IBS Hyd is given to those who can afford it. so I made sure to tell him I could)
3. What subject interested you in BBA - (HR)
4. Why HR
5. Why do you think you can do well in HR
6. Describe yourself in 5 adjectives, justify those adjectives
7. Job profile (previous work ex)
8. What is your passion in life ?
9. Did you stay in the campus, how did you find the campus ?
10. What if you dont get IBS Hyd or any other IBS

Took in all about 15-20 mins as I am quite talkitive...I really enjoyed the conversation, I think I did the best I could. My friend on the other hand was asked - her specialization in BBA (marketing) why marketing, was saked to sell a bell, asked 4 P's of marketing and some questions about her extra-curricular activities...

We were done by 10.45 and there was a bus for us at 11.30. So we emptied our rooms, took the bus and reached the city in an hour. This was my experience with IBS Hyd...Waiting anxiously for the results.. ATB for all the aspirants in the GD/PI.


What is the XAT cut-off for Alliance and the last date to apply ?

Has someone confirmed with LIBA authorities if they are considering sectional cut-off for this year too ? Have the mentioned the same anywhere else ? Also is there anyway to figure out the scores instead of percentile in XAT scorecard ?

Hi harneet, well I was unsure about the fact if I am eligible to apply for cat, cet and other entrances because my third year exams would be in may 2011 and results by july-august which is much late as compared to other universities. If someone could help me clarify if I am eligible or not, I'll be very grateful

Hi everyone, I was trying to find some answers and stumbled upon this forum. I been working in call centres for sometime, though life is good its getting kind of monotanous and so I want to move forward.

I am in 2nd year bba, doing it from annamalai universit distance edu (my options were very limited). I want to appear for cat/cet etc etc and start with an MBA but I dont know if I am eligible for the exams of 2010.

I did read the eligibility criteria which mentions that students appearing for third yr can apply, but I would be appearing for third yr bba in may 2011 and my results would be around july-august.

Please put some light on my situation whether I can apply for the entrances this year and start my mba or if I have to wait another year
Any suggestions as alternatives if I am not eligible are also welcome.

Looking forward to your help.

Thanx in advance

Hi everyone,

Me, Swapna, age 21, me studying in 2nd year bba from annamalai university distance edu, work in a call centre and came here looking for answers coz I am quite new to this mba thing and its scaring the hell out of me. I am trying to get my life straightened out and desperately need some guidance. Hope I find my answers here and wouldnt be confused anymore.