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@ Soumyak & Jeeka: Thanks a Ton for your exhaustive and very informative replies!! I highly appreciate it.. :clap:

And regarding "5. Recommend what? Courses, travel arrangements, cooking skills?? Please explain.": Anything you would like to recommend based on your experience. For example, any major do's/dont's in visa application/travel plan/accommodation search/etc..
Thanks!! :cheers:


I am a recent graduate of the Sauder MBA program and finished in December 2011. Congratulations to all those who have secured an admit from Sauder this year. I am available to answer queries regarding visas, accommodation, travel etc. Hope that my experience will be of some good use to you folks.

Soumyak Sen

Hi Soumyak,

Thanks a lot for offering help to the the class of 2014!!

I have the following queries on which I need your help:

1) What is the strength of UBC MBA program per you - is it specific function like Marketing/Consulting/Finance/Operations(Supply Chain Management)?

2) Is UBC MBA good for career switchers? How was the experience of your class with respect to this?

3) Could you please tell about what apartment/neighborhood did you actually live into while studies and how was your experience with that locality? I found that it takes around 50 mins one way by bus from Fraser to Sauder - so did you find it difficult to commute in everyday travel to Sauder?

4) What are your views about opting for on-campus accommodation - such as Acadia or Fairview (I am looking for family housing options)??

5) Is there anything you want to recommend to be done prior to joining Sauder in Aug?


To add to my post: I am joining UBC coming Aug :biggrin:

Cheers :cheers:

List of admits reported on PG forum so far:
intrepid85, maheen, mani090406, Mihir.Ghael, ZainabK, skinnybob, rehan84, mayankgupta1410, manb, kalpana29bisht, amitbisht, RKMBA2012, daman1987, bpunmiya, Moonbutt, hariprasathu and swapnil_dreamz

Congratulations to everyone!!

So, who all are finally joining the UBC MBA??

Lets get in touch and join the FB group if not joined yet. :grin:

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@ Manb, Kalpana, Amit, RK: Congratulations on getting UBC MBA Admit!!


Thank u Swapnil.

Schulich fits my goals and experience better as it has very particular courses that cater to my interest. My dilemma is mainly because i have received a decent scholarship from Sauder, so the finances work out in Sauder's case. But, i think i should be seeing the picture in the long run.

Will anyways do more research and talk to more people. Will update my final decision on the forum.

Thanks again.


Rightly said.. Analyze what suits you more in the long run before taking the final call.. MBA is a one time and a big investment.. :)

Hi Guys,

Need your help. I have an offer from Sauder and Schulich. Which one do you guys suggest, in your opinion.. ??
It will be a great help if you can help me decide.

Thanks and Cheers !


Congrats Mayank!!

I would say Sauder but it depends on which B School fits well in your needs.. Both the B schools are good..

Schulich is located on the outskirts of Toronto and faces tough competition in Toronto area from Ivey, Queens, Rotman, McGill.. Moreover, Schulich class is full of Indians - Diversity wise it is very poor.. But then its location helps you if you are targeting jobs in Toronto.. So, if you want to work on the East coast and wanna live in GTA (Toronto) then Schulich is better.. Do not consider Montreal as a job market if you are choosing Schulich unless you are Fluent in French.. About Sauder, UBC as a university is very well reputed (much better than York) and it is ultimately the best B school on the west coast (opportunities in Vancouver and Calgary are open for you - companies there would prefer you any day over grads from the East Coast B Schools).. Quality of faculty and program at Sauder is also very good..

So, overall, it depends on your preferences.. I didn't even apply to Schulich as it was not a fit for me..

Better talk to current students/alums from both the B Schools.. Share your post MBA goal and expectations very clearly to them while discussing as that will eventually led you to come to a conclusion..

Share with us whatever you decide..

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Hi Puys,

So, who all are joining? I have admits from Ivey and McGill as well. But, looks like I will be joining Sauder this coming Fall.

HI Swapnil, i was just curious why you chose Sauder over Ivey.
Congrats on your admit

Reason: Program Cost + Internship Opportunity + Quality of Life

I have lived in Seattle for an year and west coast suits me well. Further, for me, Vancouver BC is a better place to live my student life than London ON. Also, if I would have opted for Ivey then it would not have been possible for me to bring my spouse considering the hefty total expenses associated with Ivey.

Last but not the least, UBC MBA appeals to me as a high quality futuristic program having lot of potential. I feel that it is currently under-rated by rankings.

I hope it answers your query :grin:


@ intrepid85, maheen, mani090406, Mihir.Ghael, ZainabK, skinnybob, rehan84 : Congrats on getting UBC MBA admit!! :)

@ shorsh: Congrats on getting MMOR admit!! :)


Hi Puys,

I also have an admit from Sauder for the MBA class starting this Fall. :)

So, who all are joining? I have admits from Ivey and McGill as well. But, looks like I will be joining Sauder this coming Fall.

@ Jeeka: Thanks a Lot for helping the applicants by answering various queries and providing very useful information about the UBC MBA.