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if someone can recommend some good books related to "export import procedure policies and documentation"...plzz do
@Blu_Dragon thankxx man ...
@Blu_Dragon said:

can u plzz answr me bro need advise

hey frnds i need some help ....
i have completed my Bcom in 2009 n from past 3 years im workng in my dads factory , but now due to some personal reasons n diffrences i want to leave ths ...n want to persue actuary profession...
i have few qust stil going in my head...
1. in 12th i was a non math student
2. done a bcom...not a btech or somethng else.
3. have 3 years break (worknd in my family business)

im pretty confident in maths ...but is there gonna b any problm in findng jobs since im non math student....

@SAPTARSHI1985 texas ba 2 plus

hey guys i going to start studyng for cfa level 1 from tomorrow...
im a full time student so i thnk i will b abel to finsh evryhtng by octobr end..
any idea how much time eco will take....
i m pretty bad in it ....

Apurv Pandit @Apurv
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hey frnds i havng some doubts...

i have completd my Bcom n want to apply for CFA level 1
wanna knw whether iam eligible for it or not bcoz according to CFA site
it should be 4 years grd or 4years of experience or both,. but Bcom is of 3years......:drinking:

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