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Hi Puys!!!

I had my interview at WE school on 24/04/10 9.00 am batch at bangalore.

I reached the centre by 8.45 am. Then I was asked to wait in the waiting room and i was given a bag, which contained water bottle, refreshments, writing pad and a pencil. After some 20 min, may be at 9.10 am 9 am batch was called for registration. (both E and EDR batches; seniors explained that E stands for students who applied only for PGDM and e-biz whereas EDR stands for students who applied for morethan 2 of the following: PGDM, BD, Retail, e-biz). After the registration is finished we were asked to wait there itself. We waited for more than 20 min after which we were taken to the presentation hall. It was not a great presentation, but Q&A; session was nice, even some alumni and Mr, Salunke, dean of the college was presesent. Then we were taken to the GD room. A 3 member panel was sitting there. They explained us that we need to complete the GD before 20 min. The topic given to us was a repeat of the last year's : What if each corporate is given a state?

After the GD, we were asked to wait for 10 min. SO after 10 min we were taken into a comp lab, where we were asked to take Psycometric test. 63 que in 20 min, most of us finished in 10 min only. it's quite normal test, about your personality, dats it. one question will be asked in diff ways at diff times. so be sure to answer correctly, or else it wil catch you.

Again we were asked to wait for some more time before the interviews were taken. May b aftr some 15 min, my no. came. (its a random calling i guess) I was taken into a small room where two panelists were sitting.

They are very friendly, so no need to take tension.

they make u feel comfortable, so dont worry...
some of the questions they asked me in those 25min.

In 2 min tell me abt urself??
Why MBA??
Y welingkar??
Y mba at dis point of tym, y not at later stages after 2 more yrs of workex?? (now i already hav 20 months woek-ex)
Y not from a more reputed insti or an abroad univ??
Y dont U go into auto sector, make some exp and then get into b skool.
How can u enter the auto field? (by what means), i said innovation, newer technology etc etc. in appli i have written abt my interests in automobile.
They asked what innovation, can u explain??
they hav asked me some more questoins, but i dont remember.

They ask u questions based on ur application. They do pick some points from what u answer and ask questions based on that.. so basically u can drive ur interview... all the best..

I felt that those ppl are satisfied vth my answers. but donno wats gonna happen...

Now after waitin for 10 more min they called me for PI-2, donno wats that interiew gonna be..but went inside and sat... there were two panelists,, veri elderly persons.... one is from BD and the other is from Retail. (The retail person is from a hospital- donno wat doctor's doing in a retail business.. god... )

90 % of my 35 min inteview was taken by the BD guy, as i said i am not interested in retail... wat kinda questions they ask re baap... all stupid questions...

Give 5 uses of match box... they shuld not be regular??
Wat if u r a king kong?? wat u'll do??
Wat if lord krishna appears to u?? wat will u ask??
wat if u r left on jupiter and asked to survive for a week. wat will u take vth U??? :drinking:
and some more questions which i dont remember.... then retails person asked me to design a car show room, how i'll differentiate with the existing ones....

all d questions r not questions... detailed discussions on all d questions,, if u say some thing... they say not like dat some thing else... or no u or wrong,, am not askin abt dat... actuallly its not any stress interview.. but a couple of times i felt like stress interview... but dont worry guys... they r not goin to put u on stress,,,, the way they made discussions i felt like dat.. half of my creative interview was superb... they were very happy.. but the other half screwed up completely...

FInally to say.... everything i did very good except second half of my creative interview (PI-2)

In the entire process seniors were very helpful... complete process took 4 hrs to complete for me..

so all d best guys.... hope my experience helps u all

post in if u hav any queries...

Hi, did u meet the seniers on the day of your interview or you had spoken with seniers earlier?
Please help

I have got 129/300 in Mh-CET, 95.59 percentile..par score-4
Maharashtra candidate
Graduation from PUNE University
Catagory - Open

Do I have any chance of Welingkar?
Or Do I have a chance at any good institute?
Please Replay

rsguruster Says
@Digital--- throught CET score we can apply to welingker and Somaiya for PGDBM course well..........

can we apply to welingkar and Somaiya PGDM through our CET scores
rsguruster Says
@Digital--- throught CET score we can apply to welingker and Somaiya for PGDBM course well..........

can we apply to welingkar and Somaiya through our CET scores

hey,thanks for the reply. Actually I had filled in my details on the front page of Welingkar institute and after few days I got a call from welingkar saying that I have to fill in application form only for welingkar even if I am applying only through CET and This is only for welingkar according to welingkar rules.So i got confused.Should I consider it as a fake call?

Hi, when I had filled up my details on the front page of welingkar institute, i got a call after few days saying that I have to fill in form even I have to apply to welingkar only through CET and This is only for welingkar,
So I was confused. So should I consider that aa a fake call?

hi, can anyone tell me weather I have to fill up separate forms for the institutes I am willing to take admission in ?
Or that would be take care by the centralized admission process
Or weather this varies from college to college....

hi, If I have to apply for welingkar only through CET, Do I have to fill up its form? Or It would be taken care of through centralised admissions?

pls provide me the website of maharastra institute of labour studies (MILS).....................

Even I am interseted in the same .Moderators or Seniers please reply for the post..........