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hi guys i was a CFA aspirant like u guys but after the recent uncertainity of the exam ,i have postponed it indefinitely. anyways i am in my final yr of engg & my placements r comin up , but most of them r related 2 IT .So i want 2 know if my Btech i.e 4m one of the NIT can help me get a job in finance field with decent pay( since IT pay packets r quite alluring).A company called FUTURES FIRST INFO is comin 4 placements can anyone give me a opinion, i am sorry if i am posting this on wrong forum.

I am Isha and a recent member to Pagalguy.I am currently working in TCS as a trainee.I have done my Graduation in Statistics from Delhi University.I was recruited as a venture that was called IGNITE,in which Science Graduates are recruited and trained for the job.The only difference with the treatment given to Engineers is that their bond period is generally 1 year while we were made to sign bond of 18months.6 months into the training I have realised technical IT field is not made for me.I am more allured by Market Research,Bussiness Analysis...So I just decided to do MBA about 10 days back.
Yes, 1 problem solved.Next problem,this year CAT seems out of reach.But I want to give my 100%.Can anyone guide me how to prepare best in these 5months?Remember I am at office 9-6.So 7.30am-8pm I am busy with office.Sat/Sun are holidays(That's quite a relief).I have made a timetable and I am following it religiously.But I still feel I need advice from someone more experienced.
So do help me out!!!!


Being MBA aspirant myself i believe 5 months is a reasonable period of time for preparation of CAT .It is imp to use this time to find weak areas & strengthen it.Also there is no point in being an expert in one section while doing badly in others since some coll have individual section cut offs .Also it is my personal opinion that writin mock CAT is best way to prepare.
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1) PLAGIARISM(already answered)
2) grotto((already answered)
here are some more
1) h _ _ _ d _ _ _ s _ _ _q_ _ _ _ r (64th musical note)
2) v _ _ _ _ s _ _ e (grant/permit as by favour)
3) _ _ b _ _ _ _ r(having a sophisticated charm)

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I didn go 2 all the posts , but most of the posts that i went thro suggests that all u guys who want 2 pursue an M.B.A want to return to India , i always believed & thought that primary reason for pursuing education abroad (especiall U.S) it to settle there, now i begin to wonder if my perception & exceptations from a U.S M.B.A r false

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1.harpoon 2.dour

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stentorian=loud/powerful noise,other two still i am not able to figure out!

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cool da..... here is another one...
_es_ _g_ remains of something which was stronger & larger...

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dude i will try deciphering ur word .... here is my word 4 u guys
"_i_e _u_ _on" it means necessary condition

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Hi guys i am Shashidhar doing my third year B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics...Found this website excellent 4 like minded ppl ...hope 2 to have gr8 interactions