Classes have already started, right? how r u feeling there?
@markete: Yes,u have to buy your own laptop.Thank you!!
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@babu2012: ASB is UGC & NAAC accredited.One institution has to get any one of the accreditation.So it's not AICTE accredited.Thank you!!
@sagar: it's very tough.Almost everybody left the campus.So plz kindly do the needful what all the admission office is asking you to do.It will take time, but u will get back the money.Thank you!!
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@Piyanki: I have just passed out.No 'sir' and all,ok??I heard that the admission office already called u!!!if not,give a call to the admission office tomorrow by 10.30 AM.Person's name is Mr. Venkatesh.Thank you!!
@Piyanki: may i know ur application number plz??if u don't have ur application number,kindly send ur details @ the earliest(name,e-mail id).Thank you.Regards.
@markete: of course sales.we r not that premium institute & honestly u will not learn anything if u don't do the ground level work.It's tough but we all heard that it's a great experience.those fancy designations u will get after at-least 1-2 years.Organizations like Group-M are giving some sophisticated profiles.For P&G; too,it's only sales.Thank you!!
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@markete: couldn't understand ur question properly....if u r asking about designation,it will be asst manager or deputy manager for freshers,for laterals, sometimes it may be senior manager or middle management job.But starting will be frm small territories only.If this answer doesn't satisfy u,kindly elaborate ur question.Thank you!!
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@markete: Almost all the marketing jobs will in sales.Very few will be in advertising.
Thank you!!
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@wasimrazaa: They will accept MAT score except Coimbatore campus.
Thank you.It's going to be very late.Try to fill the application form and send it fast.