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Hi Seniors,

I am planning to buy a laptop from Kolkata itself. Is it compulsory to use original Windows and original anti-virus?? Will I face any problems if i don't use "originals" ;)???

Hi mani sir,

The admission letter says that we need to submit the documents along wid the fees by may 4. however my last day at work is 8th may.......It cannot be before that.... please suggest wat to do?

Why don't you send a demand draft and attested copies of certies?
Mani, please comment on this, since I am planning to do the same.
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Me too selected.Not at all expected since I had a horrible Stress Interview. Maybe a fantastic Gd and a great essay saw me through. However I wont be joining. So the WL-1 guy can be sure of converting . Best of luck to all planning to join.

Hi Puys,

What are you people sending for School/College leaving certificate as asked for in the document list? I am planning to send the Transfer Certificate given at when I finished class 12.

Made it to the final list.I had expected this since I had a great GD/PI/Essay. Will surely be joining SIMSR.Now I have to run after IMI to refund the first installment.

Yey, 3rd convert of the season.

Hi puys,

Checked the result just now since I was busy yesterday, and I am in.. Third convert of the season.

Had my GD/PI at St Xavier's college, Kolkata today.I was in the 11:30 pm batch.When I arrived, the PI for the 1st batch was in progress.Our process started at around 12:15.There were 9 people in out batch (8 guys and 1 gal).
GD topic was "Is increasing number of B-Schools diluting the quality of management education in India?". Every person was to speak for 1 minute, then have a discussion for 8 minutes and then every person would give closing statements for 30 seconds.The GD was one of the worst I have ever had.We kept going round and round without coming up with too many concrete ideas.Ultimately everybody agreed that increasing number of B-schools had its pros and cons.
The interviews were short and sweet. It was around 10 minutes for everybody.Had the same panelists as the GD.The were two professors (p1 & p2) and a lady professor(L).
p2: So what does Susovan mean?
p1: give me your documents?
me:(to p2) I'll get back to you sir(and handed over the docs)
me: My name means "Good looking" sir?
L: So do you think you are good looking?
L: I'll give you a complement, I think you are good looking?
p2:Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
L:It also depends on the kind of work you do?
p1 walks out at this point to attend a call
L: Tell us something about yourself
me: vomit vomit
L: Why not join defence like your father?
me: blah blah
L: money is also less:
me: gyan about not running after money
p2:what is countru music?How isit different for rap and rock?
me:blah blah
L: Favourite author?
me: blah blah
L: role model?Except parents...
me: gyan
L: Do have good knowledge about politics?
L:home minister? finance minister? prime minister? president of India?American president? British president?
me:(answered all except British president
p2: how keena are you on doing an MBA?
p2,L: OK , thats all, you may go now.

Overall it was a chilled experiance.PI was fantastic.GD should have been better.Lets see what happens.


I had paid the first installment on 27th March through RTG and sent the confirmation through e-mail on 30th March to Ratna Maam along with UTR number of RTG form.
However, I have not received any confirmation or receipt of payment yet.
My CAT Reg No is 6670265. Could any of the Seniors plz verify if the payment has been received properly or not??? Am really tense.

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sunny_studd Says
I asked for PGDMHR and he replied that I'm 21st to deposit the fees

A couple of questions:
How did you deposit the fee (RTGS or DD)?
Did you call up Ratna-maam for your position? I called her up but she couldn't confirm the receipt of my RTGs payment.But as said in the previous post, maybe the RTGS payments are being looked into now.