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I have started taking RC tests ...targetting 15 questions in 30 minutes..same for CR.
What should be the ideal score?and hw can i relate it to a GMAT score?

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I read it as "I have a different opinion from the great GMAT tutor Arun - OG 10 is better than OG 11. "

Phir pata chalaa aap is naa cheez ko "great GMAT tutor" bulaa rahen hain. Kyon mazaak udhaa rahen hain janab - mein pehle Psychod hoon phir GMAT tutor

Agreed !! Esp for SC - makes a world of difference

Repetitions of what ? different from what ? Your presumption is that the person is reading OG 11 AFTER OG 10. My take is that apart from the explanation part OG 10 definitely is better in terms of sheer quantity.

Hmm...... I agree

Easier option is to go through the soft-copy on the net


i managed to dwnload OG10 fron the net..but Kaplan for concepts?
Called up a shop in Ber Sarai and old Delhi ..its out of stock...
i could get soft copy of only Kaplan -grammar from net:(
i'm really stuck as dnt have any book for concepts...

Does anyone know if Kaplan is available in B'lore?Can anyone( in Delhi or B'lore) lend/sell Kaplan ..plz help
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Hi guys..
im in Delhi and Kaplan and OGs are out of stock here. I'm scheduled fr GMAT in Nov n need these books,especially Kaplan desperately.
Does anyone know where is it available here?
or...if someone can lend/sell the books, plz let me know...

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hi sush,

you still have about a months time consider that as the brighter side and put in all your efforts. devot everyday 2 hrs atleast and 10hrs on weekends. (im assuming that you are working). do the last 100 probs (atleast) from OG 11. understand the funda behind the questions. Kaplan verbal workout helped me a lot, OG 10 is available on the net. These are sufficient given the time constraints. Im sure you would have assessed your position by giving a test on GMATprep.


Thanks Ravi...
well..another in Delhi and OG11 is out of stock OG10 sufficient?
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Can someone pls suggest me strategy for preparing. I have my GMAT scheduled on 17 Nov. Gave last yr n got just 540. i know its q late to start now bt due to wrk pressure cudnt start earlier.
pls help....

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