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Until a few years back, she was called 'Shruti'. What's her new name?


Shraxis (because uti bank is now axis bank)

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during my mock interviews, one of the questions that comes up is what you would do if you convert multiple calls => how would you choose between colleges?
Most of us here might think it is obvious that if someone converts an A call, he would join. However, we would need concrete reasons to justify the same. Any ideas on what these reasons could be and how to state them?

slightly tricky...usually, its a good idea to be honest. It won't go against you. However, in case they ask you why A and why not C (or B for that matter), then be diplomatic. And whatever you do, do not point out any negatives of that instiute. Say that its a close call, but you would choose A
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CAn Non IIM call getters also join in ???

yes. Non IIM call getters too can join in
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Hi guys

Guess am a lil late...but better late than never.
So here goes
Overall 99.86 (164)
QA 98.08(45)
VA 98.48(64)
DI 99.79(55)


Class X 90.2(CBSE)
Class XII 91.6(CBSE)
B.E. 65.4(Pune University....probably why I missed out on a B call)

Extra currics...Debates, dramatics, guitaring etc...(acted in a movie too..Rockford)

Work Ex 18 months with software arm of HSBC(the bank)

hey seniors jus a lil far as I ve seen...i ve found that mostly IITians or NIT/REC guys convert their A calls....or people with absolutely awesome profiles...I know the question is a lil subjective....but could you please support or oppose my observation??

As babaatiit has rightly said, you can't do much about your past scores now. As for your graduation scores, its upto you to justify that marks in Pune Univ. are hard to come by (I know they are, I am from Pune Univ. myself). The panel to some extent is aware of scoring patterns in different Univs., so they are not going to go too hard on that. But, be ready to justify anyways.

As per IIT/NIT guys converting calls & not other univs., that too is just a myth. The panel would always look to select the best people urrespective of undergrad. background.
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The keys generally are out by 4 PM or so, but I would strongly suggest you to not go by those keys, as they would have been made in a hurry, and hence likely to be wrong.

By late night, you will get a more stable set of keys (with the exception of VA of course)

Attempts :
QA : 13/25
DI : 13/25
VA : 26/40

Are the keys out anywhere?


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Another quick tip,

Avoid going too early to the centre. You will get bored and your mind will wander everywhere.

Just 15-20 minutes early (buffer time) is sufficient.

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After 3 CATs and 11 GD/PIs,

Going to IIM Ahmedabad

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Happy Birthday Anand!

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Missed this one...2nd miss in a row...had some unavoidable work.
Hope you all had fun. Do post pictures of the meet

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