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Can anyone who is done with their Essay/PI tell what this "Testimonial" is .. ? The set of certificates that we are supposed to carry , is that it ?

Hello Seniors,

I want to know about the batch profile of the current batch...The Website has a provision to search for profiles, but not an overall representation of the batch.

Would it be possible to share the information here.. ? thanks in advance..


Hi, for a start i would say it is a decent effort. but i have found a few sentences in your SOP which are quite controversial.

In an IT company, technology is not the means, but is the most crucial aspect using which IT companies creates solutions for their clients. in fact most IT companies when they start, wouldn't have had any business side at all. its only after the company begins to grow that the business side begins to get important. Again, the number of people working on the business side is a very small fraction of the number of people working in the technology side. Also, im sure you would have seen that IT companies always strives to ensure that the employees are technologically up to speed with the trends in the market.
So Technology in an IT company is super crucial.

i also found some companies being named in your writeup, but no reference to the type of company that you are talking about. i haven't heard Spykeware Source, and unless i know what company it is, i wont have a clue what you are trying to say, and i guess the same goes with the panelists too.

i might have got your flow wrong, with you putting business ahead of technology, but unless you justify your stand, i think your SOP doesnt make any impact at all. a decent effort, but it needs a lot of thinking from your end as to why you need a career shift


Hi ,
I understand what u are saying but my point of contention is not that technology is not important , but that understanding the true business need and designing a fool proof business architecture is the crux, technology is only a facilitator to implement that. and within that lies my desire is to make a transition to the business side of technology.

About the company name, Pointy taken.

Ill try and redraft with a better flow and making my goal more clear.

Thanks for your inputs :)


Hi all,
This thread has pretty much been my guide in cooking this up :), hope someone can review and post suggestions.

/ * SOP Start * /

While doing engineering, I had been introduced to the world of technology. The bachelors degree in computer science has given me a strong foundation in the technical nuances of the rapidly evolving software industry. However, along with my strong academic education, I consider a significant part of my learning to have come from interactions with my peers, seniors and teachers in college. At this stage, as a computer science engineer with an appetite for technology, I believed Technology meant Business.
Having learnt the theoretical aspects of how to build software, my stint at Cognizant Technology Solutions, gave me the opportunity to work, learn and experience the various aspects of software development. Being a part of a large team taught me the virtues of discipline, dedication, team work and the importance of achieving the set goals through effective man management. I could experience various business processes and learnt to appreciate as well as look at them with a critical eye.
Having worked in a software services industry for two years, moving to SpikeSource Software Pvt. Ltd allowed me to understand the way software as a product is developed and marketed.
Through the years of working in the software industry, I have realized that even though technology is quintessential to most business today, the driving force is the business itself and technology is only a means to it. This has kindled in me a desire to augment my skills further and attain a thorough understanding of the nuances of business. The MBA address areas that are familiar to me (such as Information Technology and communication) as well as areas that would contribute to my impacting the international business community in a positive and more complete way.
with its world-class faculty, infrastructure, and with a history of attracting the best minds in the country, is thus a natural choice of mine for doing my MBA. I feel convinced that undertaking an MBA program at will be a step in the right direction for my goal.

/ * SOP END * /

I Couldn't wait, Registered to have a look at it myself

Hi all,

The details about the essay topics and the number of recommendation letters are not put up as a part of the "how to apply". Can anyone provide this information , so that aspirants can start preparing them ?


The scores i calculated are
QA - 23 :|
VA - 52 :)
DI - 10 :(

Can any of the time students post the approx percentile i would be getting. Thanks in advance

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hi suresh,
could you please mention the names of the insti your friend was talking about..where we have to send our scores...

P.S. - i din find a particular thread regarding this so m asking in this thread..

My friend was sending his scores to MDI and NITIE..

A few of the other institutes apparently need the cat score print to be sent as told by a few friends of mine.
I was wondering if there is a need to send the cat Score to TAPMI ??

And i got a score of OA :92

So going by the previous replies i feel i stand a good chance and am eagerly waiting for the short list.

Hi all,

QA :11
DI :40
VA :38 - 43

OA :89 - 94

With that score can i apply to institutes like TAPMI and BIM.. ??

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