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hey suprath... remember me ankit jena from our SIBM interview..... you were supposed to meet up when u came to IIC for the K interview... anyway... CONGRATS .... great going :thumbsup: :)

Hey brother!

Ofcoure i remember. But, i guess i did not have ur tel no. n all. Anwyays, what about u dude? How's everything?
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I made it!

My only call k, i am gonna freak out 2 months now!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the best moments in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I got through, i got through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Managed somehow to convert my only call.

Am comin to god' own IIM.....................damnnnn i'm excited!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, any dudes/dudets from hyd? PM me.

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I hate the concept of "oye bubbly"! Really! They went on to make a music album with it , i thought it totally sucked!

There was one more ad (the product i do not remember), but it was for a dish washing bar. One fat guy looks down at his plate to see the reflection of another person who had peviously eaten on the same plate. The ad did serve it's purpose, but left me with a bad taste. I couldn't eat off the house plates for a month!!! ??:

Hi ppl,

I would like to say that the cut offs in IIMs and their procedures are absolutely perfect.

I got a % of 89+ (i am from ST ), but managed only one call, i.e k.

I got quite low % in quant and really didn't deserve even a single call, but god's own IIM had mercy on my soul .

PPl with lower % than mine got calls from A (probably the had better quant %), but i really don't mind. One call is good enough for me.

And, really, IIMs do not need to take anybody if they are not fit to be in the IIMs, and they are not under obligation to fill up any seats. They are autonomous institutes for christ's sake. They have the authority to choose whomever they see fit.

PPl making absurd statements like "shame" n "don't deserve", pl stop making absurd and sweeping statements. Weigh ur options and think before u say someting.

PPl making sweeping statements, think...........u r all going to be future managers and it is not right for u to pass such rhetorical and totally useless statements.

P. S : No affence meant to anyone!

I really do not know about the competetion level among the STs and i really do not have any idea about the cut offs of the ppl who were in my gd group. Most of the had multiple calls, i guess me and one more person with the single call.

Do not underestimate anyone. I say this with quite a load of experience and for those of you who think STs are totally useless, i totally disagree. There are many with amazing potential.

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Well dont relate it with the category, relate it to your over all profile i.e credentials. If you have less credentials then certainly you will get lesser salary, even if you belong to general category. Suppose you are a recruitor and you go to a college, whom would you pay more, one with higher crdentials or one with lower ?

So if you have good academics + relevant experience + good attitude, certainly you can fetch a good job with high salary, no matters which category you belong to.

Hey thanxs for that! Appreciate it. I do have exp. and i do have an attitude (at least that is what i tell myself :satisfie: ), but bad accads. I guess i'll have to make up for the during MBA.
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There is nothing like that. If you perform well in in your institute, then certainly you would get a good job, no matters which category you belong to !
When you are in a company, no body asks your category, your quality of work will be the key issue there, hence if you work well, you will find no discrimination

Yes, but don't u think the company will know whether u r from a reserved category or not?

And, cause of the reservation they might jus think of giving a lesser salary than the others? Right?

Or am i jus talking nonsense?
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I had heard or rather read in one of the threads that the placements of the reserved ppl are not on par with the others? Is it so?

I know reservation n all, but does this discrimination carry on even in the job? Even if the ppl r well of in studies during mba n stuff?

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Well, i think whatever the date of results, i seriously am having trouble waiting. Finished my int in delhi on 16th, and it has been hell since then. The!!!:neutral:

My only call............k.............and i jus wanna know whether i am in or that i can start prep for cat 2007

But, one thing is for sure i think the 1:6 ratio holds good. Quite a few were reluctant on joining k actually. There was one girl who said she prefered IIFT over IIMk :wow: .
Dunno what to say of that.

Hey, one question i had, if u do not speak in the GD, r u out? Cause in my group i think only 4 of them made any significant contributions and the other jus watched the show (and i was not one of them luckily) :satisfie: .

I IIFT girl was also in my group and a person from IIT-d who also wasn't keen on taking up k. I guess i can safely eleminate them and i think i have jus increased my chances

But, as always, who's to tell whether u get in or not huh?

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Amazing ppl here........................

I mean i don't know 3/4th of the stuff u guys r talking about in ur PIs.
Really? Tell me guys what exactly is it that u ppl read. Looking at the way these interviews r my chances of making it are narrowing down,:(
by the time i get my turn, i think all the seats in IIM k will be booked! Well, i hope for my sake that u guys get into the other IIM's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno what i am gonna do, so much to read so little time! :wow:

Well, anyways to all those guys..........ATB!


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