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Got an interview invite. Tips or pointers R1 guys .!
Would really appreciate some help.!

The interview is more conversation like and very relaxed. They try to make sure you have all infomation about the the school.

I started preparing an hour before the interview (but I did do some homework for the essays) and I felt I could have done many times better had I thought about it a little bit more.

The questions are straight forward and the usual ones really. Try to prepare for them much earlier and you would have better thought of and well rounded responses.

Also if possible try to be consistent with your background, present and future aspirations. In many cases when looking at yourself you might see disconnects, but its about explaining with the right examples and anecdotes really to present a positive case.

Hello people,

I applied to Broad's 2014 class and have been accepted. I am looking forward to getting acquainted with yourselves through this forum.

psethi, ideally the material (GMAT and Toefl) needs to reach them before the deadline. But If you cannot manage it, then perhaps within a couple of days past the deadline is acceptable.

You can drop a note to Paul North from the admissions team if needed. I've found them very supportive duing the entire process.