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ya dear me too only having this college as a last hope...wat was ur XAT %tile if its more than 90..u'll probably clear it..
Nd did they told u about the extension of seats from 120 to 180...may be this year or next year..

XAT %tile:-( a paltry 88......... :-(

noo,,, dey dint tell me nefin bout d 120-180 seats thingie.....
seema7777777 Says
this is wat exactly wat i was told........that i missed d list very narrowly

Hey.... even i was told dat i missed d list narrowly when i called up d admissions office few days back.... :-(:-( he told me dis straight away wen i told him ma name... dint even ask fa ma application no.
dat brought down the curtains for MBA season 2010 for me since dis was d only call i had frm ma list of B-schools...
XAT: 87.83%tile wid 11%tile in QA
12th: 64%
10th: 71%
B.Tech: 64%

wat r ma chances? if at all der r any

sumbuddy puhlease reply

XAT: 87.83%tile wid 11%tile in QA
12th: 64%
10th: 71%
B.Tech: 64%

wat r ma chances? if at all der r any

smita2427 Says
though i agree 2 u abu hvin some preferences for christians but der also high level of politics is played .my mat % is 94.21 , n m a CHRISTIAN but stil i didn get through...........d gal sittin beside was al shoutin n nt lettin others speak . after d gd wen d judgin faculty asked 2 of d candidates 2 share der opinions, she started arguin wid dem also !!!!!!! n kno wat she was selected for pi as i later checked ....i think watever dis so-called christian quota is either is used for donations (else obviously i wld hv gotten through) or it is specifically region-biased .

haha same ere....
99%tile, GD-MP went perfect, yea m a Christian
Result:Rejected outright in the first round itself
Worst Part: I went blabbing d whole day at home in B'lore sayin dat m gonna get thru fa sure only to find the message "Sorry... You are not selected" at 2 in the night
nevamind... i got a couple of valuable lessons to learn in lieu of ma 1000 Rs. very much worth it..:cheerio:
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can nebuddy check for dis roll no. :help: 10602395
DoB: 24 september 1988

enigmaticpranav Says
Please use PG Connect for this.

Puys enter your XIME GD-PI details here Login - PaGaLGuY Connect

puys who have attended the GD-PI or are gonna attend in the last leg in B'lore kindly head over to Login - PaGaLGuY Connect and enter your XIME GD-PI details


I have an offer letter from HCL BPO....
Would it b wise to include it in my portfolio,,, or will it backfire considering the fact that am an engineer and its a BPO offer......

lost_world Says
mine is also on 28th at 4 pm......

mine is 28th march, 4:15 PM... :shocked:
wats d rationale behind slots wid 15 mins gap?:sneaky: