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plz check my status Xat id- 130259

i suppose no one listens to rabindrra sangeet these any of u?

well do u know that the next feluda film coming is tintoretor jishu.

seemslike we have to br there by 9-30 on monday.

well nalban or citycentre both r same for me.i stay near ruby hospital.lets finish the date poll and then have a poll regarding tthe venue.i feel nalban will be a better place for a cool adda.

well its very nice to see so many people responding to this thread.i never imagined i wud find so many kolkata lovers here!but is nobody fond of OLD bengali films?

well i wud go for cricket anyday though had it been winter i wud have surely preferred badminton!

coolrahine Says
hey manna just check this is the date 29th of may this is sunday................ and i hope this wud be the best date........... or maybe the week after this that is 5 th of june check it

well both the dates r ok for me.i will be there.

well the old bangla bands are still going strong with minor changes intheir lineups.parash pathar has lost its touch it seems and lakkhichhara has come of age.but the greatest phenomenon to hit the bangla band scene recently is fossils.they are mind blowing!!!!!!!!!

I am in no position to compare the I-pod with other MP3 players. I'm very happy with my I-pod. :)

Pls feel free to ask me anything about the features of the I-pod, so u can compare it better with any other player!

I love the touch wheel of the I-pod, and yes there are accessories available with the I-pod, such as the FM receiver, voice recorder, etc. These are expensive, but I guess you have to pay for the quality.


can u tell me about the prices of different models of ipods in india and what special facilities they offer?i also want to know whether any portable device supports real media format.