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It was interesting to go through discussion in RDB. Though I have not yet watched it , from whatever I have read about it I surely would want to.
I wish to make a point: do not criticize something good only because it is not perfect. Already, a lot of below average and substandard stuff is there, and a good effort needs to be encouraged.

Secondly, anything in a movie should not be taken exactly as shown in a movie. Many points which a director wishes to make cannot be shown exactly that way because of inherent limitations of that particular media.

Of course, criticism from artistic point of view can always be made.

So, as far as I am concerned RDB can only be praised. Well done, Mehra! well done, Aamir! Keep up!

hi neha,
really happy to find a new pg'ite based in a nearby city.



I am sunil sharma, a mechanical engg graduate working in a financial firm in ujjain. appeared in cat 2005 but did not get good percentile. would like not to miss iim bus this time. my interests are really wide - welcome to share just anything in universe