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Hi PG pro's ive completed my BE in biotechnology this year and im really interested in gettin into the management field.Anyone can suggest me a good course available abroad .preferably US like a masters in BT management.and what are my career options.pls reply soon.

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quit_patni Says
I can help u out with ur querry .. I had worked in wipro BPO for 3 months ( BT process) pm me ur mail ID .. i guess ur online or add mine in ur gmail i pmed u the same

Pls mail me too my ID is

Hey man i wouldve taken the lead . Thing is im new to hyderabad. Dunno any place we can meet up here. So i wanted someone to give a response one replied tho.. nyways You must be from here itself eh.. you decide the date and place!

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No ones replying about d meet.. anyone interested or what!

are all u people ready to meet up this weekend.Anyones got issues? jus give some ideas where we can meetup .. @sam i joined manhattan.himayat nagar and the faculty is good.strategies also.worthwile inveestment

when u comin to india vali? lets all meet up this weekend somewhere..y'all decide a spot..

y'all joined any classes? n where in hitech city..u work anywhere? if yall ready to meet up every weekend .study and discuss plans let me know.can mail me .

Is work experience mandatory? it says we need relevant experience.What does that mean?

anyone studying currently for gmat.If yes would u like to form a study group.In hyderabad.Interested people reply!

im thinkin of goin as a freshman to US after my gmat.. what do u say!