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@navieen88 Thanks for the info and Do your Best :)
@navieen88 Hi, congrats. Can you share the application number and date of your application submission - just to understand whether the calls are based on applied date/location/other criteria.
I also opted for HYD (CHN) - noticed first personn informiing call for/from HYD (CHN) - hence the curiosity.

All the Best

Thanks Guru for clarifying payment link.. Also, I am yet to submit the online application as well as LoR.

1. I am planning to submit online application on wednesday/29th
2. After I submit application, on 29th, my recommenders will send the scan copy of LoR to IIMC from their official mail ID - Will the above work?


HI Arun,
thanks for that...I will work more on my approach this time, however the problem with existing material is familiarity. I reiterate, I have Kap online course, Kap 800, OG 11 and SC 1000 (SC 1000- I was getting only 60% accuracy). Are there other sources of material?

hi astreix,
I am retaking the test in Nov end. I have OG11 , KAP 800, SC 1000, kaplan online course material. What are the other sources of material? Can U mail the soft copy of OG 11 ; my ID is Will be of gr8 help.

Thanx a lot nonedone, I am turning confident... I think I should take the test before Dec 2006. I messed up in quant, generally I score 75%+ but in the real test I scored only 49 % in Q. I have OG11, kap 800, and KAP online course material. But 1 thing, I downloaded SC1000 and CR 1000, however I was doing very bad 50-60% accuracy... ARE they representative of the real test/ add value to my practice?

thanx once again...

Thanks JP,
that motivates me....i think I should retake the test.. but only concern is WHAT IFFF I cannot score well.. how will the universities view?

Hi guyz and Gals,
PLZZZ help me....I took the test yesterday..and scored BAD ...530 (49 and 47 % Q n V). I got tensed up, esp. I didnt do well in Quant.

In practice tests, I scored/averaged around 580 in KAPLAN, 640 in Princeton and 640/650 in Prep. (avg: Q 35 and V- 24 correct).

I want to apply for ISB, my acads. are not that good, I should compliment with a good GMAT score. If I have to apply for this acad. year i need to retake GMAT before DEc1st. My apprehension is that- Can I pick up/ improve my score remarkably??? Iff not (Ltd. time, I can spend around 3 hrs a day, almost, exhausted my leaves..) How does the univ. view my scores ( in future...)? Or should I wat for some time and give the test in April/so..but I will miss the bus 2007....

PLease suggest me... the approach, how best i can react to this situation and what material I need to study....

10q ...

Hi gmatsept ,
Did u get the Manhattan SC guide? If YES, plz forward / intimate me, i will take a copy of it.
I am giving the test on 13th sep. and am looking for a 1 year prog/ university. can any1 throw light on.... the universities that offer 1 year prog. plz.


Thanx astreix...