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Vivek Agrawal @trepidation777
Hi Seniors, My friend got admission in MBA-HR at Amity noida Sector 125 but some people were saying that MBA from this campus is not worth and Amity in Sector 44 is better. Please shed some light on this.
Sumit Sharma @sumittechie

People say Amity Sec-44 is better in terms of Hostel and not academics. Because there is more freedom in sec-44 hostel than hostel in sec-125.

hi gdpi is on 22nd march for general MBA and my profile is
10th :: 64 %
12th :: 75%
Graduation:: 65%
MAT score:: 739
what are my chances guys
thnx in advance

your are high chances of getting in. Just be confident in GD and InterviewATB


GUYS even I got in MBA- IB..have to pay the fees ny 20th march..
Please help me if IB s good in amity...whats d average package and highest i have also applied in christ, itm, and Icfai hyd..please guide me..!! thanx :)

I was having same confusion but let me tell you that average package of all the college u mentioned is 6-5 lacs and then finally its upto your potential. Following will be expend. for 2 yrs in these colleges:

Christ: 6 lac + hostel exp. (Around 8-9 lac)
ITM Navi mumbai: Course fee + Hostel fee (Approx. 10 lac) (only Navi Mumbai is worthy)
IBS H'bad:10 lac + hostel fee (Approx 12 lac)
Amity Noida : Course fee + Hostel fee (Approx. 11 lac)

By observing above data Christ provides u best ROI.
And yes I am joining Amity Noida. Apology, if any info is wrong and best is to do some research on ur own. ATB
i have been selected ..but it is not showing which stream..
my first option was MBA general and second one was MBA telecom management..
when we will have to pay the pays??

is there any last date for paying the fess..

If in admit card it shows only MBA, then it means u are selected for Mba general. BTW Congratulations!!!:cheers:
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I draw a very clear picture of Amity

1st - Please set ur expectations right.

2nd - A place to be. Edward Maya visited this year.

3rd - Ample opportunity of ECA. You get lots of real time exposure. We have run for sponsorship for fest which gave me exposure of Sales. The club activity (which are like FCFS basis) do give lot to explore yourself. I am in core committe of Quiz and Marketing Club, n love being associated to it. I also got oppurtunity to start-up dotcom based company after a Conference held jointly by Harvard and Amity University

4th -CROWD - U will find diverse. Work ex ppl, freshers, diff edu background, diff financial n family background, region

5th - The learning in MBA Gen is highest as it is flagship course. Faculties tend to load us, whereas other branches are less stressed

6th - Placement - Marketing Profile Avg - 5 Lakhs. Highest - 8L
Finance - Avg - 4 Lakhs, Highest - Cant say(I am interested in marketing)
HR - Lets not talk about it :banghead:

Marketing profile comes for sales. and Advertisements firms are few.

Probability of MBA Gen getting placed is more. Though equal oppurtunity is given to other branches in placement but Gen ppl maybe due to variety of knowledge have an edge.

7th - Faculty - Superb n cooperative except few. Students are empowered with feedback, which ensures teachers perform to max and complete course:clap:

8th -Intern - Not good. Some companies do come offering 5000-10000 RS (but very few). I recoomend to go for intern through your own jugaad

9th - Infrastructure is

Overall, I am happy here and feel its worth. Though initially, I was disappointed as I couldnt get into GIM but then there are two types of ppl

1) One who crib, complain, lament
2) One who become awesome instead

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ashutoshduggal Says
I am student of MBA General 2011-2013 batch.Let me tell you that there is no haldiram and Mcdonals in the campus.there are subway,dominoes,mama mia and bikano in the campus that too serving vegetarian is good though.

Can u throw some light on the placement scenario of Amity..Please and how is the pedagogy?

Guys I am confused. I am getting mixed review about the college.
Please do some research as much as possible so that we can get a clear view about the college and its placement scenario. And if anyone from amity is there then please help

kamna singh Says
i got selected but want to know how do we need to pay in order to confirm our admission or seat.. Please let me know and also is the money refundable???

Wait for the call letter and then follow the procedure as stated in letter and also you can check the methods of paying from microsite

Hey can anybody throw some light on Amity Noida for Mba general in terms of placements bcoz I am selected and want to join. Also I have got balanced review about it moreover i am looking for ITM too.. Pls help

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Hey can anybody throw some light on Amity Noida for Mba general in terms of placements bcoz I am selected and want to join.. and also looking for ITM.. Pls help

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