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Hey guys...count me in too...its been a long time since I meet some PG Junta...
good to see so many new people comin in...lets rock delhi guys...
also belated nw yr wishes to all of u....


Hi...has anyone seen National Treasure....its a really good movie...very fast paced.... concept is similar to the Da Vinci Code. Very good time pass.

hi all,

there is another school of thought which has been followed by people to tackle RCs. During my preparation, what i used to do was go through all the questions first. Try to remember the questions as one goes through them.
Then skim through the RC, whenever u will come across the answer to a question, it will ring some bell in yur mind ( not literally ).

Just try out this tactic for sometime, it might work for some.

Hope it helps,


Hi Guys, I guess most of the discussion till now has centered on people joining for the techie jobs.
Are there any MBA grads on the forum who have joined IBM.
What kind of profiles these people have offered at various campuses, how is the organization as a whole in terms of work culture, flexibility, etc.



All the mumbai junta who would be joining FMS, guys arrange some kind of an get together so that all of u can meet up. We all (yurs truly, prad, lijo, etc) will try to make it.

BTW I am stayin in borivali (E), anyone nearby wants to meet up, just shoot a PM


Hi All...Me too would be there...A lot of PGites are here in mumbai for their summers...hoping to see most of the junta @ Essel World.



just watch Andaz Apna Apna ... , Jaane bhi do Yaaron..... , Hera Pheri..

hope this helps....


hi all, good to see so many delhites coming together

there is no doubt that apni dilli is the most rockin place in our country.

One thing that makes delhi special for me is the fighting spirit and the never say die attitude i hv seen in people around me, whether its sports, or studies...delhites really slug it out....n ofcourse when it comes to partyin.....nobody can beat us...right guys ??.....chalo issi baat par lets organize something guys...kuch plan karo...


Hi Sumit,
hey whats ur take on waiting list 10 yaar..
And one more thing how fast are the wl ppl called once the the last day of paying fees is over for the confirmed ppl..
Since you were also waitlisted last time do u remember till what waitlistt number were the first set of admits sent?
You had said it was an agonising wait last time...
well i can really start feeling that now...
btw::seeing so many ppl ready to join fms i feel the last wl no wud drastically fall and thats what makes me jittery..
nyways thanx a lot for ur posts....
and are ur exams over??


last cleared frm 1 to 16 in the first list...16 to 23 in the second...23 to 36 in the third...36 to 44-45 in the fourth....and rest after that....hope that helps...


don't u guys think the time has come for his retirement.....the only reason he seems to play these days for is the "Guiness Book of World Records"...