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FinanceCracker Says
every1 plz remind me onn 15th so tht i cn send u the core reading stuff too. im travelling right now nd the connection im using is pathetic...not suitable for uploading sumthing

Dear , FinanceCracker , I am trying for the FRM exam this november, can u please guide me for the reading material, it would of gr8 hekp, thanks

Hi shhetabh, nice to speak with u, unfortunatley phone got disconnected, tried ur no. but could not reach u later, thanks for information shared by you, It has certainly boost my confidance & chances to join this course. Thanks once again

thanks abhi, Have joined on facebook group

abhi can u please tell us in more detail about terms & condition mentioned in letter & what documets to prepare for acceptance of offer ?

No the numbers are 02239858081 /82/83 but no one is responding on these numbers

Dear Puys,

Has anyone received the Letter from NIIT ? What about notice period ? Its less than a two month, How we r going to adjust the Notice period ?

Puys, anyone received the mail from NIIT ?

I am From mumbai, I request Mumbai guys to come toghter, so that atleast we can visit the ICICI HR

Also why no one from April batch is responding to us, Seniors will be of gr8 help in proceeding futher..................

Hi abhishek this is Sumeet , I am from mumbai , can u share ur contacts , so that we can manage the things well , I am not sure to put papers or not, coz we have not received mail from NIIT

We have to send back the mail copy we recievied , at the end of mail we have to sign it 7 send it back to ICICI

anyone from mumbai , lets meet if possible