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Hello All ,

Xth - 79%
XII - 83%
BTECH - 59.47%
Work Ex - 2yrs 9 Months
Cat 2011 - 81%ile

I know giving CAT 2013 will be the rite thing to do BUT there are some of questions in my mind which is making me think twice ... Will be very HELPFUL if someone can clear them out..

1) Considering my HUGE DIP in my BTECH i.e. ENGINEERING score wanted to understand that What are the chances that i can get into the top 10 colleges ?
2) Is there any statistics mentioned anywhere which captures the Average Pay Pack for ppl with experience > 3 years passing out from Top 10 B Schools. What is the present situation?
3) Should i take CAT or GMAT( planing to stay in India ) ? Will i be wasting my time Spending 1 more year in a PGDM program than in PGPX ?
4) If yes to PGPX( in india) , is it true that placements are not doing that well?

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  • @Suman_nagĀ I know this might be demotivating but converti.... 29 Apr '13.
Gautam Mahesh @vampgm 689
@Suman_nag I know this might be demotivating but converting any of the top 10 - 15 looks unlikely. FMS is the only hope if you have poor acads since MDI has also changed its criteria. But you have <60% in Grad, a minimum for FMS. Better try for other colleges..
@Nikhil_52 said:
for any kind of mocks of TIME or CL refer to the link;=0#folders/0BzwbqbS6GaDhY25RLU1nTXdLYUU
Thanks a ton Nikhil ...

The Aimcats & Cl Mocks are which year ? 2012?

Good things take time. Great things take a long time. And the best things take the longest time. :smile: .. Back to PG

What a Match to start off the Quaterfinals NETHERLANDS vs BRAZIL . I eagerly want netherlands to pull this off. It will be tough to break Brazil's defence(MAicon , Michel Bastos , Juan, Lucio ) and a world class goal keeper julio cesar . Hope arjen robben fires a lot and sneijder comes up with his magical curving passes .

Will be the Best Match of the tournament till now . Both have been and still are in great form unlike other teams who have been sloppy sometimes .

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Hello guys ,

Congo to all who got through SBI asso :D
Guys i registered for ICICI PO and i got my app id and pass. , but i am not able to login to select the slot , it is giving me invalid id and pass. . What should i do , should wait till the booking is open only thn will our accounts will be valid or is thr some problem . Help

Thanks in advance

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abinjoy331 Says
van der sar retired 2 years back and Alex is a Brazilinan

They have van der vaart too
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Created my team on McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy

Started league as well:
Head to Head league...First 8 can join :)
League code is 452648-103879

Classic League:
Any1 can join. Just a ranking of our teams
league code is 452648-103883

Join this league guys before 11th
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It will be tough for france in the group stages with teams like uruguay , mexico and home team SA . Although SA i very low in their ranking they surely will put up a fight with steven pienaar . And mexico is strong as well uruguay will put up a good show with diego forlan . So france has to put all their worries aside and their top players ribery , evra and malouda have to perform or else they are out

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Did you guys join the FIFA fantasy league?

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rohan_b Says
Their only problem might be defence ...but i dont have a lot of idea about their van der saar their keeper???

No van der saar isnt their keeper , it is Maarten STEKELENBURG(ajax)

But i would have loved it if van der saar was their keeper and yes their defence isnt that good as their midfield and fwrd
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