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Not Joining ATB to all


After reading your experience, to me, it doesn't look like that you'll miss the bus. However, you are judged on your communication skills, the way your react and respond to the questions, your body language (conscious and sub-conscious), how well do you express your thoughts etc. So I believe you can judge yourself better on those aspects.

Remember that any interviewer would try to talk about things that would make you uncomfortable. That way, he/she can judge all those things I've mentioned above along with your ability to handle stress. So you can prepare and probably guide the discussion into topics that you can comfortably speak on.

I din miss FORE Bus, Converted both
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First Call, First GDPI, First Convert

shyamR007 Says
OMG.... I heard last year only half the guys would turn up.... not sure why this year it is different... never mind... do not think too much as they say :)

Till Last year GDPI was held in "Chennai only".........
But from this year they coming to every metro, so turn up is more
its mentioned in this that we have to get them attested but not mentioned by whom... so should we just self attest the documents??

plus, is there no GD?

and please could someone share their experience?

yes attested docs is must
but if u don have time they will except self attested docs ........... (but heard some one saying u disobeying from day 0) so try to get it attested from some authority else confirm from admin .
no there is no GD thr was one essay 30 min
No fe Test.
If you want FE they will grill u on maths ......(they saked me all Functions & calculas, thnx god no probability :))
kritigup Says
do we need to bring the originals of marksheets? i know its not mentioned but still confirming.

No originals were not checked
Xerox copy is enough.... Please bring all the docs as mentioned in call letter
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DATE & TIME: 17th march 9 am(got free by 11.15am, people have option to be first for PI if genuine reason)


ESSAY TOPIC:Should schools use internet for education

DURATION: 30 min(was able to finish in 20 min extra sheet were available, came to know after concluding)

YOUR VIEWS ON ESSAY: Generic & had many points


DESCRIPTION OF PI:2 men ( P1:course co-ordinator P2: was maths expert)

YOUR VIEWS ON PI:was the best one I've ever chilled out.......asked me about myelf, my home town. if i werere CM, naxalism etc.
Asked about my interest towards FE...........then loads of Q on function , calculus etc..... many Q from realtivity.. And all time P2 kept appreciating my answers, was telling answers are best & not typical bookish answer though havent prepared any thing for FE...just discussion about 12th maths.......remembered my JEE prep days.
Last Q which coll will join if convert my other calls..........replied honestly.....
overall exp of PI was awesome


Seniors , Please reply to my GD/PI Experience ? Post 89 on the other Thread.

Please someone share a scan copy of form , which you guys have filled for GD/PI. My form returned now I have to fill it before GD.