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After a successful Archish 12, it was an emotional time for us 2011-2013 batch, as we bid farewell to our seniors on 21st of this month. It was an evening dedicated to our seniors.

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1. Christ
2. IBS bangalore
3. IBA, Bangalore
4.SIBM, Bangalore

These are some of the good colleges u can apply

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Yesterday one of our alumni of 2003-2005 batch Mr. Guiv Framjee
Business Analyst - Sales Operations at IBM and his colleague Mr Nitin came to the campus for a lecture on "Sales Analytics". The session was really interesting considering the fact that they gave us an idea about the different analytical tools that are used extensively in a company like IBM. They even used an original database to make us understand how the whole thing works...!!!!!!!!

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yaaa I m here in 2011-2013 batch, d hostel is safe no worries, we dont get time to do anything accept assignments, presentations, n all dat stuff, one thing i can assure u, life is hectic in IBA, but its worthed, n about the subjects, its all the same in every college, u can get the subjects in the official website..........

Yesterday two of our alumni of 8-10 batch came.. to share their market experiences with us............ and also gave some basic training about the most used functions of excel in the just cannot get better than this......... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a three day long process involving a couple of colleges including ours, finally...... one of our seniors got placed..... the experiences, shared with us will be of lot of help..for us in future

Yesterday was an important day for us 2001-2013 batch.... our seniors gave us the freshers party.....the food,the DJ, the ambiance was awesome and some thing to be cherished........all our life......

hello i am applying to iba and i want to ask that wat should i write in the answer wat are ur career vision and why mba ofcouse the answer to why mba is better career opportunities but i cant find a proper answer as i have to write an essay and send my application in 7 days time hellp ????????i cant decide whether to choose finance or marketing????

heyy varun..... u write where do u want to see urself after 5 years, u r interested in job or u will be starting ur own business, see mba is all about creativity so think and write becoz one cannot generalize these answers, and about the specialization, i can say that our college offers dual specialization.. so no worries, u can take both finance and marketing... I hope I have cleared ur doubts, if not plz free to ask...

Batch 2011-2013
IBA Bangalore
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shandilya.abhi Says
dOING MBA from B grade collg is not worth,,,,i would suggest u to go for ITM aur christ,,,,,

u can look for XIME, CHRIST, IFIM, IBA in bangalore...................... dese are some of the good colleges..
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The best way to check the average package is to see some bschool ranking survey Eg Business India B school ranking

Just check the link...

NIT's dont accept MAT score dude............. so look for other colleges
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