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that would be milady's boudoir. anatole. and. what ? bingo's uncle
i'm fairly sure he is reginald little


hey rajiv or shd i say what ho,rajiv !,
hmm,i m getting confused about bingos name as well ! i m fairly certain it isn't reginald though !
pehle do questions ke liye...sahi jawaab ! (u get an all expenses paid trip to london for this from Pagalguy !)
bingos uncle lives at pounceby gardens....i somehow remembered that so i asked tht question !

sahi... this thread is going on pretty well .. my first popular thread

good going electric funeral! u started a gr8 thread !


who is this wodehouse creature

u can't be serious abt this :shock: ?!
well,more later..
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umm... bingo's name is something like rochard or robert,no... that sounds too american....

ummm reginald ???

isn't bingo's name richard as well : ?
jeeves refers to him as the younger mr.Little. reginald is jeeves's name!

Now how about this....
1. How many people has Florence Craye been engaged to? (excluding her multiple engagements with Bertie)
2. Who does Stilton get engaged to after breaking off with Florence Craye?


i dunno the answers to these ! just taking a wild guess..honoria glossop?!

ok,let me see if i can frame some questions!
these r pretty simple..
1.whats the name of aunt dahlias magazine?
2.who is referred to as 'gods gift to the gastric juices'?
3.where does bingo little's uncle live?
well,will be back with more later
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rajeev_r wrote:

try this one - which bertie story is narrated in first person by Jeeves ?


the one with jeeves in first person is 'bertie changes his mind'! i just checked it out ...its in 'carry on,jeeves' ! i have that book .
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count me in as well .
i think wodehouse's best works were the jeeves-wooster ones.i didn't quite find his other stuff that funny. the experiences in wooster's life have that 'mr.bean' like quality that i just love!simply gr8 stuff...totaly hilarious ! the characters r the best ..gussie fink-nottle,the ferocious aunt agatha,the amiable aunt dahlia,bingo little,the bumbling wooster and of course the all knowing jeeves !
while we r at it...has anyone read richard gordons books? the doctor series? very similar to wodehouse in his writing style and equally hilarious !

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i knew u would respond if there was anything abt marco van basten in the post ! well,i meant he didn't win them the big one..the world cup! he is still one of the doubts abt that . i guess holland have always been unlucky when it comes to the world cup! they hv always had the biggest names in the business but somehow they haven't been able to convert tht to a wc win .
look at their team this time as well....RVn,edgar davids,seedorf,kluivert... :shock:

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i watched murder and masti back to back yesterday and the result...i have the worst headache ever ! murder was terrible...the acting was of the songs was good though! masti was worse! loud acting,terrible songs....the list goes on ! i used to admire vivek oberoi as an actor be4 this but damn,he has hammed like hell over here ! some of the jokes r funny though.

hmm,this is a tough one! dunno much abt footballers from the pre-80s era barring pele!
so,the ones who make it into the team from tht era hv done so purely on the basis of their popularity(ie..if i hv heard their name..they must be famous!)so,here goes
1.lev yashin/gordon banks....goalkeeper(2 of the very best)
2.paolo maldini...defender(he seems well past his prime now but at his prime,very few could get past him!)
3.beckenbauer...defender(the greatest ever)
4.alessandro nesta/carlos...defender(2 of the best in world football today!)
5.maradona.....midfielder(i don't think this needs an explanation!)
6.roberto baggio....midfielder(my all time favourite player despite that missed penalty in the 1994 final !)
7.zidane...midfielder(the one man who stopped brazil from taking tht world cup in 199
8.michael platini....midfielder(unfortunate to hv never seen france win during his tenure )
9.cryuff/rossi/marco van basten...striker(3 of the very best...though rossi won italy the world cup in 1982...the other 2 couldn't quite swing their teams fortunes!)
10.pele....striker(no explanations here either!)
may have missed out on some famous names but this is all i could come up with!expect scores of 10-0,12-0... if this team takes on anyone !

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the nescafe and the hutch ads r the best i v ever heard.

ok,doesn't sound too gr8 but how about ..
'pagalguys of the world unite!'

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apun bhi bahut films dekhta hai lekin right now i m getting pretty screwed bcoz of the exams !
well,the last hindi movie i saw was ab tak 56.
terrific flick...nana eats up everyone with his acting ! i generally watch most of ram gopal vermas films...they r stylishly made.
i can't remember the last english movie i saw....must hv been matrix revolutions! enjoyed tht thoroughly.
i m kinda keen on watching yuva and lakshya.both seem like gr8 movies .