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@ Seniors,

A couple of queries,
1) I understand AC's wont be provided, but are coolers allowed. And the rooms...single...twin sharing?? could u please provide details on the hostel accomodation

2) I want to go for a dell laptop (XPS 1530). Does IIML allow for something of a bulk deal for all the students with different preferences.

Thanks Alot. Looking forward to my time at IIML

P.S. Why is evryone calling it HELL??

Coolers will be available....and u'll get them the day you land at L.

Us (Seniors) will most probably be dealing with a few manufacturers for a bulk deal....

You'll get it in about a month and a half after joining though....

The deal normally gets you a 30-40% discount on retail price so it's good to wait for it. (it'll have everything you need, but will most probably be a commercial/business laptop rather than the XPS series u're talkin bout)

Till then you have a computer centre where you can take care of all internet needs till u get ur own laptop.

That's all..

Is there any criteria for these classes?
like cat % or acedemics

I will leave my company around 30 may.
so asking to get feel of buffer time

Prep Classes normally begin the 2nd week of June .

The criteria is quite simple:
If you belong to a reserved category, ABM or a non engeneering background, you HAVE to attend the prep classes.

Not sure but i believe ABM students have to join by either the 1st week r second week.


Hope that quells some doubts

Sugam Dhall

Duplicate post

Dude... that more than expresses your frustrations. I wish we could have a clone of pgp22 in pgp24, as far as the ratio and its 'categorization' goes. May construed monologues be kept upto oneself, unless asked for. Big bro is watching

Though not everything being specified is incorrect. The ratios are damn encouraging for you to think of only studies and nothing else

But unfortunately, that's the tale of almost every IIM and other b-schools. Hope some more thinktanks like those behind selection of FMS 06-08 batch and IIML Pgp22 get into the system to turn things around :|

Oh damn, how could i have been so insensitive

I stand corrected after Kapil's statement....

My previous post only applies to those interested in the opposite sex.... No offense to anyone (Again!!!)

Anyway, AFAIK XL has a pretty good ratio

And i sit here discussing the topic with guys from B & C... both of which boast of better gender distribution.

Also, to be noted is how ,during working hours on a normal working day, we're both typing away to glory.... Characteristic of the IIML 4-5 point cg guy (which would mean both of us)

Sugam Dhall

While our seniors seem to be basking in the glory of completing their MBA, us juniors (soon to be seniors) are facing a challenge from beyond helll.... Maaroing a Pappu (getting a PPO for the un-initiated)

It works out well for me though, my company does not have a PPO policy in place yet :)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, Life at hell

Let me deviate from my earlier stated goal of describing MANFEST (yes...i know what it sounds like...dont need to 'rub it in')

I wish to inform everyone about the perils of what we call Hell.

(Very specifically the males 'entering' the frightening portals of Hell)

As is quite popular, the gender ratio at L has been dismal to say the least. Some figures shall bring to surface the gravity of the situation:
PGP22 : Males: 230 odd
Females: 45 odd

Mind you, this ratio would seem reasonable to any commoner, but we at L bearing in mind the interest of all who seek this information have come up with a new more informative categorization which is given below:
PGP22: Males 230 odd
Non-Males 45 odd
You get the idea....

By the way, my batch PGP23 has reached new lows in gender are the figures
PGP23: Males 255 odd
Non-Males 23 odd

Back in 1st term we were quite impressionable to say the least. We were told of the wonder that is - Student exchange wherein for the purpose of learning (and entertainment), students (a part of which are girls) visit our campus.

We lay restless for the day the women from france, italy, greece and hopefully brazil will arrive in hordes and ravage our campus...(emotional - yes....depressing - again yes)

Anyhoo, the day finally came and all of 7-8 women did come down, but something did not feel right, they were in fact, what would've been foreign counterparts of the women already at Lucknow.

One damsel from Italy did arrive and was welcomed by wildly beating hearts and.... Fudge it... She started going out with another STEX student....


Thats all Folks

Disclaimer: @all women: It's all in good humour, not to be misconstrued... Plus we do have a few hot chicks here

(Standard save my A** line)
Sugam Dhall


After a year at Lucknow, it is safe to dispell any scary thoughts on high academic rigour at L.....

I'm sure someone must've already mentioned it, i'll restate for the benefit of everyone, you can really chill out and still get a decent cg at L (Decent for me would be 6.5-7)

Disclaimer: If you want a 8+ CG, your life's screwed

Let me speak about a topic that is close to all at L : the real significance of the number 3.4: ALCOHOL

A few people who deserve mention:

Pandeyji(PGP22): He could be spotted every night at fauji drinking chai arnd 3-4 a.m. Little did people know, he had just consumed a whole bottle of Unka No. 1.

While others would take breaks for coffee during classes, he would run back to his room for a few pegs.

Every day he woke up, looked in his cupboard and asked himself:
"What should i wear? McDowell's or McDowell's or McDowell's"

Arpit Singh(PGP22): Easily the TANKI of IIM L, sessions with him begin generally around 12 am and last till 9 (a.m. again)

I'll just state one of the more popular incidents,

It's a fine Wednesday morning and Arpit Singh realizes he needs to attend a few classes....only, he had his last drink an hr ago.....

So as expected, Mr. Singh falls asleep in class and as expected the professor asks him to wake up and starts lecturing him. The only problem is that after being woken up by nothing short of kicks and jabs, this fellow falls of to sleep while the professor is screaming at him!!!

Another interesting fact, every hostel has this bottomless pit of empty beer and whisky bottles....

We have insti parties like once a month or so .... free booze and unlimited if you drink fast.

The real alcoholic trend can be witnessed, when you see that every hostel has a terrace and a few rooms, which will be occupied ALWAYS with people just generally unwinding after a hard day of ...well...not much really..

Three big parties which happen during the year:
New Year Party, Final placements Party (Dhols included) & Manfest party

I'll cover what happens at Manfest in my next post (Being a member, good to get some publicity early on)

Sugam Dhall


Don't know how many times i've heard that pesky question?

To all others (Barring IIM professors) my answer is a straight faced " It's one of those i cant sing well, Similarly...I'm not good with studies"

Now, that you(and I) have committed the sin of not studying, fear not...for it shall not plague you the rest of your life(perhaps... this post should not be about glorifying US as a category of people)...the answer lies with dear old BAPU himself....

Yes my friends, my answer in each interview was the honest one.." I was complacent about studies during college"(Just a fancy way of saying, you were goofing off....)

Its as simple as that....although effort needs to be made for the final interview (Mugging favourite subjects(yeah....pick a few that you RELATIVELY studied the most...and REVISE))

Thats my advice to you!!!!

And if that pesky Uncle/aunty/neighbour/Bavarchi/Mai/lil girl on the road......asks you that same question....well i'm sure all of us have spent the time not spent studying judiciously (Rationing a small fraction of time in inventing,remembering, reciting, recalling and then using a plethora of abuses that would make even Dara Singh squeal)...

P.S. @Harsha:Thanks for the luck...gonna need it

Oh almost forgot!!!
My Intro (yeah!!! supposed to be up there^^): all started when i realized when i was maybe 7,8 or sthin(...whtever..)THAT i detest studying...mugging, rattoing etc...
Made a mark with an unprecedented 72.0% in Xth std....(flowers bloomed...and champagne fell from the heavens)
Surprised my personal Tutor, teacher,mother ,father, brother and myself ..(in that order) when i passed Physics in XII..(Had a record goin...DAMN!!!! did not pass a single class, unit, mid term, end term, open book exam in school throughout XI & XII...FYI had to almost beg my Class teacher to promote me to XII)...anyway got a stupifying 71.2%.
(could only get through stats hons at sum unheard of DU college)
God himself me into a college through an entrance exam (had GD/PI as well...divine i said!!!)
From there on i give full credit to my teachers at C.B.S. for doing the impossible...
I know it would've been quite an effort to grant me the minium reqd 40%marks (they could not have the wildest of their dreams..IMAGINED the answers i see i was making full use of the liberty, paper and time granted to me during exam hours)
Passed with some colour ...(failed to get off the ground....flying is out of the question...Maybe some hopping colour/s) a 59.3

So thats my story folks...till now....
I'm yet to face my biggest challenge ...
Will be in Hel(L) ina lil over a month



I'm deinitely the odd one out here!!!!

But as someone goes nothing...

B.B.S.(D.U., Graduation):59.3

Cat%ile: 99.85

COnverted : L

as far as GD & PI's are concerened....acc to me all GD's went off well.

PI's: pretty much horrible to say the least...
(was lookin fr ppl with bad acads, no extracurrics in this thread....didnt find too many)

Hehe, there's hope for everyone...don't let your past mistakes dictate your future!!!

Also, Dont try to change yourself for the PI's. Hopefully(Yes...hopefully) the profs will see what you're about and make the RIGHT choice..

PEACE....(hope i didnt sound too patronizing r anything...Can't afford to!!!)


5. First party will be during the prep course. free flowing booze . Though they cut some money from everyone's mess account irrespective of whether you attend the party or not.

Hehe, heard about that.

It's 60 bucks if i'm not mistaken. (Why would anyone not attend????:wow: )((Guess my resolve to reduce shot to hel(L)))

Met quite a few IIML pass outs workin at Nestle. (prolly pulling my leg with MOSQUITO NETS !!!!)

Also, heard that we can choose Hostels (Pls Advise)????

Hey, do we(Glad i can say WE , instead of just YOU) have a rock show at any of the Fests?(How's the participation)

BTW, did anyone notice??...
Orkut IIML 2007-09 community stood at some 25 Males and 0 Females when i last checked a couple of days ago

My Hobbies(on Request,hehe): Listen to a lot of Music, Big time FOODIE, and i'm really excited about living in a hostel for the first time!!!

Hello All,

Needed some vella questions answered.....

1.Swimming pool on campus???

2.Essentials to bring on campus (a sundry list of items...i've heard Mosquito nets figures at the top)

3.Service centres for laptops in Lucknow (Which all companies present?)

4.Are Bikes/Cars really needed (Please say yes:neutral: )

5.And finally, when is the first party? (Any during the prep course, i'm sure i'll be asked to join)

BTW, a lil intro :
Done my B.B.S. from C.B.S. , D.U.
Been Sincerely vella throughout my life (My acads, found a voice of its own in all my interviews)
Working at the Nielsen company for the past year (will complete only 11 months )
Lookin fwd to meetin you all in Hel(L)