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I've got 99.00 in CET...
So I don't think I'll get MMS... In any case, I think I'll opt for PG even if I get MMS, I found the course for PG much better- content wise...
I'm confirming my seat at WE, but I'm wait-listed at GIM. Will wait to see if I convert that, if so then I may cancel WE admission.
But the chances there are not very bright so 90% chance I join WE.

Hi apoorva !!

i guess two of us were there at the same centre for GIM call.

Congrats for Wel conversion, I m also thru to WELingkars............

hope to see u there.........btw what is your waitlist number at GIM??
sonalw Says
the course starts on 24th JUne........... and the hostel fees and details are given in the booklet we got wid the form....

do u have any idea about the procedure to secure a seat in the hostel

hey just curious to find out -- How many people have been selected for Welinglars from INDORE(M.P.)

Kindly get in touch.......

hey sudhir...first of all congrats...can u plz tell me
which all marks did u mentioned in ur welingkar form...and also how many years of work exp dfo u have?

ATMA: 99.56%
XAT : 92%

Had a Great interview and Reasonable good GD as well.
you said that you are selected ... do they give you any kind Ranks or Marks..
just to know.

Well no ranks as such....... the letter just says.......

Dear Sudhir Kukreja, Congratulations! You have been selected to the PGDM program at the Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai campus for the 2008-2010 academic year. To download your detailed letter Kindly click on the link Admission Offer Letter below.

The last date to pay your fees is 5th June 2008. You must carry the downloaded Admission Offer Letter while paying your fees.

Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Warm Regards

Prof. Dr Uday Salunkhe
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neetugw Says
No idea yaar... But none of them got selected I see on PG atleast

I m through to Welingkars PGDM 2008-2010

congrats to u...can u please tell me ur
scores..?which entrance exam had u applied thro?

thanx man

i had a real good PI, GD was also reasonably good.

MY Percentile

ATMA: 99.56
XAT : 92


Here comes a final conversion after 3 years of MBA Entrance Preparation.

I m through to PGDM at mumbai Campus

My score in FEB Mat is 99.75 with 4/6 in PAR
What should be a score out of 34 to get in KJ Somaiya

Hey are you not hopeful for JB, given the fact that last year cut off for OMS was 175.

I guess you MAT score convertion shud be close to 144+ 4 PAR= 148

A decent chance for JB as well

All the best

hi experts

kindly advise on this.......

My MAT score conversion is 143. Also my PAR score is 2/4.

That makes it a total of 145.

Had a fairly good GD/PI. What are the chances of getting JB or other top 5 colleges, given the fact that last year cut off for JB in OMS category was 175.

Plz reply and advise

Thanx in advance

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