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hey i too got d orientation letter along wid two buks 2dy....
well i need some hlp frm u guys anybdy tll me d address or contact no.of any PG in or around tughlakabad?? it will b a gr8 of my frnd is in urgent need of a if anybdy who has opted for d same,cn hlp..!!
hopin for a quick reply...
thanx in advance..

i dint get any as such invitation letter or books . .. ohk so its on 19th with all the originals and attested copies ... right ??? :banghead: wonder when i'll get this letter ( my place is just 6-7 kms from the campus !!! still nothing) .. Anything important on it ???
Hi Everyone,
Checkout this advertisement from this what i can make out is, that the additional intake is for a totally different shift say evening shift and will have a different staff including teaching/admin.If this advertisement is not for namesake (which may be the case ), we needn't bother much on the infrastructure part.

nice find dude....... if this is implemented then mayb our timings will also be shifted to a lil earlier in d morning i guess ......
yaar it ws jus abt playin games....aftr all we r payin such a hefty amt so y shud we gt a lappi which will hv almost nothin in it........jus a simpl configuration vont do us gud...if thy r providing us wid laptops,thy shud tk cre dat it shud hv all its part intact widin it...taking out webcams,blutooth etc is jus so rediculous...:nono:
i hope thy dnt repeat d same mistake again this year....

woow... nice to 've a rebel among us... hail priyam !!! ... and they 've taken money for books aswell,, any idea regarding that??? i mean do thy provide em or v'll 've to buy em ??
i hope we dnt gt such laptops this yr...thy r increasin d fees evry d quality dsnt improv...hw mch money were thy giving u ppl bak??
wat abt d uniform? will thy gt it stiched for us? or will thy giv us readymade uniforms??

OMG !!!!!! here i was dreaming of treating my eyes with crysis and nfs:shift.... .... u shatterd ma dreams into pieces man..... i hope thy provide a good 1 this tym..
jimmi_sal Says
if we go by der website den till 15th feb avg was 2.67....but m sure it will reach up to 3+ if we take an avg. of all students....n as i hv said before as well...last company which visited our campus picked up 11 students at 3.6+(dey got something around 29k in hand) dat will surely move up de average...moreover students who got placed by demselves will also be taken in to consideration...n usually dere salaries are on de higher side...:cheers:

do thy get automobile n mechanical companies too ?? or jus bankin n insurance 1s ??? thnx dude....
Hi Sudip!!!!

ME too From bioscience background.............M scared thinking about account and stats and all...............!!!

thy wld be conducting these basics lecture i guess.... mayb tht'll help us(else v r doomed)...
i think u shld try d link in prev posts(ncert books)..... 've downloaded em.... pdf... divided acc to chapters...
Srimoyee Says
Salman can u plz suggest 4 us some more advanced topics in Stats? I mean other than above.....the ones we'll hve 2 face thr @ NDIM......

yeah..... n final placement stats too pls salman...... thnx
If u want sum1 4m Science bckgrnd thn I'm here buddy..... I'm a B.Tech (EIE) n a S/W Engineer with 26 mnths exp @ Mahindra Satyam

Statistics is neither too tough nor too easy can be tackled very well with adequate practise.

thnx....... any info regarding the final placements ???? r al of em placed ???
it wont be yar .... if we survived Science , then we can handle everything :)
but still , I think we shud give a quick glance to some basic books, I m reading (or trying) - Kotler and D.K.Goel, (sant suggested me).
what abt u ?????

bro 've downloaded those NCERT books suggested in prev posts..... i hope its more thn enf......
iwillwin Says
heyy .... I m with you Biology background .

cool.... finally some1........ lets hope ths commerce stuff is nt tht difficult !!!!!