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sure, it would be great for any aspirant to know about the options, also let us know about the fee and structure of these programs.

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So far what ever I have experienced is as follows :-

Dilip Oaks - too many students and it is not the only negative aspect I had experienced, the faculty is up to best mediocre, me and a two of my friends attended a couple of classes there before letting go the idea of joining the coaching.

Achivers point - attended the demo class there, and its my humble suggestion that don't even think about it, the guy who took our demo class for verbal was not even familiar with the scaling of gmat verbal.

Time - surprisingly I liked the most, yet it was not professionally managed as they are predominantly CAT centric institute,. but the instructor responsible for CR seems to be well versed with concepts.

Princeton review - visited the centre but was blown away by the cost; 33K for 32 hours of tution seemed too much for too little, otherwise heard good thing about the quality there.

Never heard anything about Krishna Consultants and Magnus.

At the end of the day me and my friends wasted around good 10-15 day searching for a appropriate coaching and ended up being disappointed..

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Hi fallow pagals ,
Because of some excruciating circumstances I had to postpone my appointment of 15th Jan, for now I am in Pune for next one and half months, which I will be solely dedicating for an Endeavour we all recognize as GMAT , I wish to form a dedicated GMAT study/discussion Group in Pune, where we can meet once in a few days and discuss about our strategy , the problems concern with GMAT verbal and quant and compare each others progress and share whatever be accordingly relevant.
Anybody interested should PM me and we can proceed ASAP.

Thats precisely why I said it's not going to be easy. These essay questions if answered in a superficial manner will be an opportunity lost.
Well, in the essay, the question 'That' is again left to your creativity. Since I understand your background, I would just come by your side and probably give you strength to tell the people out there who you really are. If you are careful in the way you present yourself , circumstances in life cannot bring you down. You will not be answering discrepancies, but you will be confident and showing everyone your strength and capabilities. That is the reason 'That' exist as a question in the essay.
You absolutely need not be modest or defensive. Go ahead and answer those questions as best as you can.


I am glad that I took your guidance & initiated the process of application, if I would have waited another month for the retest; I am sure I wouldnt have had enough time left to answer the essay question in my full capacity, I remember five years ago when I wrote my first essay for admission into a US university; then I was not aware with the impact it can create on ones prospect for the admissions.
I must admit that I was looking to the question in a bit negative way, so thanks for being a savior for me, its really great to get some guidance from a fallow like you.

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Hi Again,
I have started filling up the application, while going through essay questions, I come to realize that it will take a while to come up with the most appropriate answers, but it will be a great opportunity for some one like me to express myself, though I have a query regarding one particular question; which is ..
There are four mandatory questions to answer.
Then there is a fifth optional question which is
If only the MBA Admissions Board had asked me That .. What is That?
I am bit confused here if That means something which I would like to explain about, for example some sort of discrepancy or disparity in my profile or something else.
It would be great if someone will shed some light over it.
Thanks in advance
Thanks for giving me encouraging words, my surrounding negates the chances of getting any feedback, so most of times I have to make decision subjectively, I was kind of disappointed with my GMAT score and till the morning hence I was in the process of reappearing the test, but as I said it indeed was a compulsion rather then a conscious choice.
Courtesy to your hortatory words, I have started the application process; I will be seeking your guidance when ever I will stumble,
Your words provide me the momentum otherwise I was very suspicious, so it means a lot to me.

Hi Capsule
At first pardon me if my post will be long and descriptive, but my profile is way different then most of the people seeking guidance over here, but it would do me a immense favor if you will provide me some valuable input.
I am from a small town of C.G with a M.Sc in Biotech, after which my only carrier objective was to earn a doctoral degree from US, except faith has some different plans for me as just after finishing my master I came to know that my father was suffering from acute heart ailment and his days were numbered, being the only male member of the family I had to stay at my town with my father, just when it felt that he may survive for bit long, I got my GRE and started applying, sadly just a month before I received my admission confirmation from Clemson University my father passed away and that was the end of a dream for me . I had to join a position of HR assistant over a state government subsidiary to support my family, its been precisely five years now I am working over there, I can ustand that my work experience is way different the people have international exposure, but I can say working over state govt. is extremely challenging as the system is chaotic but the people over there pretend to be extremely dogmatic over rules, only there I got the inspiration to earn a management degree, so I prepared for the GMAT and got a score of 700 last month, my aim is to earn a management degree and join my current employer again because I feel they truly need professionally competent employees, here are my other details
My acads till 12th are just average.
B.Sc-60%, M.Sc-65%
GMAT score 700.
I love hiking and participated in quite a few YHAI & private expeditions over the years.
My financial condition is very modest and dont have any support other then myself.
So Great lake can do it for me because it is one year and AICTE approved.
I can reappear in GMAT and am very positive that I can raise my score upto 730-50, but It will be financial constrain, please let me know if I am having any chances with great lakes with my current GMAT score and profile, I am prepared to give another shot at GMAT if I will have increased chances with a bit high score.
I am having my fingers crossed for your replay

I have genuine Hard copies of MG PREP and I can share it PM me so that we can have a talk.

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I got your PM, will talk to you soon.
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I sent u a PM, so get back to me.