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For Those who have attempted Set 29

Set 30

Guys, it would be good, if you people also discuss how you came up with the answer options. This will help you and others in arriving at the answer rather than blindly guessing by reading and trying to answer by our sense alone.

Set 30:

D says 'the list is growing'.. which list ??.. The list in A. So DA will be a link. Only one option fits.

B has to precede 6. B gives hint about time being discussed and 6 mentions about four decades etc. Thus, 'B6' is also a link.


Point A mentions 'the bone'.. which bone ? The bone mentioned in B. Thus 'AB' is a link.

Narrows down to two options ABCD and DCAB.

D says Most of the diseased tissue eliminated but that implies some would be remaining, which would be taken care by antibiotics as mentioned in C. Thus, DC is also a link.

Thus, DCAB


Point A mentions 'The wounded men'.. where do we have a reference for wounded men. It comes in D in the form of 'Blood-stained crowd'. Thus, DA is a link.

Narrows to two options CBDA and DABC

C says 'And from this region of noises'. Now if we assume CBDA to be right choice, we can say that C cannot follow the opening statement 1.

Thus, DABC.


Point A and C mentions 'this suffering'. Which suffering ? These cannot be the opening statements. That rules out CDBA and ABCD.

Now D is a better opening statement that B.

B mentions 'much suffering' which infact is referred in points A and C.

B also has the word 'however' which brings in a contrast and cannot, generally, be an opening statement.

Thus, DBAC


Point A says, 'This fact was established'... which fact ?.. Look for fact given in the points.

Point C gives the fact. Thus, CA is a link. Sadly, only one option EDACB can be ruled out.

Point D says, 'One way of doing that'... doing what ?? Read the other points, in point E, 'how much more was yet to be established'. Thus ED is a link.

ED and CA are links in BEDCA only.
Orphan (2009)

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Hi puys,
My profile is
10th - 80 %
12th - 94.2%
Graduation - 84.7 % ( 2010 Passed out )
Got placed in HSBC immediately after my graduation but couldn't work for a long time due to some family reasons. I Have worked only for 4 months. I have pay slips and reliving letter too. But since then i didn't work anywhere. I have prepared a lot for CAT 2011 but i couldn't get a good percentile. Don't know how i got such a pathetic score of 75 percentile. VA screwed me big time. But still i don't want to quit. CAT 2012 will be my 3rd attempt and my target is IIM-A. But i am really frustrated and tensed seeing the long gap after my graduation. Will it have a negative impact on me during PI of IIMs or any other good B-Schools..?? These thoughts are really making me worse. But still i am working hard towards my goal. Any experts here , Please tell me do i have to face problems due to this. I am writing bank exams in March. But i know it takes time to get call from Banks. So by March ending i will start doing a job once again. But my only problem is that gap which i have now. But i have learnt a lot during this gap. I was very poor at communication skills and presentation skills. Now that is not the case and i desperately need a good B-school to do my MBA. Do i stand a chance if i can clear CAT with a very good percentile. Or will that Gap have an effect during PI...??? Please help me regarding this. Waiting for replies.....


In my opinion, justifying a gap is not really much of a problem if you ace CAT. It just shows your determination and perseverance. Typically, the question on gaps hardly comes in the interview ( from my personal point of view ).

I think, the best thing for you right now should be to stop worrying about PIs and rather prepare for the actual CAT. Once you ace actual CAT, trust me.. no one would be bothered to know whether you have a gap or not etc etc...

And once you get the calls, you'll get lots of help on how to be justifying and convincing in front of the panelist about the gap.


So for now, concentrate on preparation of CAT and not PIs....
I have been going through various threads helping students in gdpi preparations for finding answers to my queries but i didnt get so here i am asking-
What reason should i give in interview about my pathetic academic scores..
Graduation-51%(With below 50 in final and 3rd year)
took a year drop after my engineering to gain composure and start living normally. I was suffering from depression after 10th std.. don't know the reason was diagnosed in 1st year when my mom forcefully took me to a psychiatrist....i was under treatment for 1 year..after that refused to take doctors treatment and it was not at helping and was damn expensive..and by that time i knew the reason of depression was violence at my home because of my elder brother(I am ashamed of talking about such personal things in public but i have to because i really want to change my life by getting into a good MBA college). My parents are very supportive but my brother totally ruined our life...i went into depression after things went just to out of control...didnt go to back log increased...fear got scared of back log...when went to class i was so behind from everyone and also so many problems at home(in between i proposed to girl whom i loved thinking that should would be great support to me but she rejected which further ruined my condition) friends got away from me....i was alone...somehow i got admission in some engineering college after 12th...there too i got involved in bike accident and fractured my ankle and right wrist terribly...was not able to write for almost 1 year or so..i have recovered somehow a little bit really scared as to what reason i should mention in pi regarding such pathetic acads...i dont want to pity myself ...i have matured a lot..and become very strong emotionally..i know i am waay better than what my acads show.. and yes i regret what i ahve done terribly i should have studied no matter what but still...i was not able to.. i was too lost that time...please help me..what should i do..

Sorry for long post

Frankly speaking, with whatever you have told, you would not have any problems with this question in the interview.

The best way to answer about pathetic academic scores is to be brutally honest....

One thing which comes out from your life is your character.. you have faced some really adverse problems which not many people go through. You are in a way, much better prepared and suited to face further problems in ways than other people. All the troubles in your life, has infact made you a better person.

Now, if the question comes about poor acads, you tell the interview panel the same thing which you've written here, but don't stop just there. You can convince them more by saying that you've learnt about life which not many people at your age would have learnt about etc etc. You should also end up by saying how mentally strong, the incidents which occurred in your life has made you and how transformed you are sitting in front of the panelist now than how you would have been if you had a normal life..

Hope that helps..
SeedyNew1 Says
does anyone have composite list of GDs from which if I prepare thoroughly, I can ensure that, at least 1 topic I would get common ?

Well there are so many topics.. and I dont think one can prepare a composite topic list... which can ensure at least 1 topic would come.. otherwise.. everyone would prepare according to the list and ace the GDs....
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highwaytohell85 Says
I have taken 2 Mock Interviews but the question that always stumps me is on hobbies. trouble is I don't seem to have any worth discussing with the panel. How can I tackle this question without sounding stupid??

Well anyone can have absolutely anything as a hobby. It just reflects your own personal interests...

I am sure you must be having something. Its just that you should have some knowledge about it, so that you can talk about it....

You can say you dont have any hobbies.... if you are a very people-people kind of person... who loves talking and interacting with people. But if you are not that kinda guy, then I am pretty sure it would be very easy to figure that out during an interview by just interacting with you ...

So try to read yourself and see what interests you.... it can vary from .. sports to ... cooking.. to .. handwriting analysis...

But yeah.. don't pick up something just for the heck of it.. and make a mess of it....
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i scored a meagre 82.94 in cat and 80.96 in XAT.. had worked hard for them...but nothing worked out in my favour :|
the worst part....i was pinning all hopes on which i had scored 206 wid balanced sectionals..missed the OA by 2 bloody marks....:banghead: :splat:
in fact i had started preparation for NMIMS gd... had hoped to post a happy msg on the NMAT call getters thread... BUT IT WASNT MEANT TO BE :splat:

i am in my third year of graduation...economics..have good acads..above 90..
i am sitting for placements for a few companies.. and got a call from NIBM , pune..IMT nagpur /hyderebad..and "EXPECTING" calls from IFMR or LIBA..
but after such a close call from NMIMS.. ye dil hai k manta nahi :shock:
really dont know how to make head or tails of my situation

Well it all depends on how badly you want something...

I believe this was probably your first attempt at MBA entrance exams....

So .. again .... .. it all depends on how badly you want something
project to mil gya...
bt i dnt wnt ths shitty job...

koi sugest kr do bhai plzzzzzz

Well, you can use your khaali time for CAT preparation

Anyway apart from that, try to build up your profile. If you are interested in finance, try to appear for CFA exams. You can also go for 6 sigma certifications as well. These will help you once you get into a B School, during summer internship placement process.

Try to get yourself involved in some NGO activities which would again help you in crafting a diverse profile.

Cultivate a hobby or two, and gain a strong and in-depth knowledge in any activity which interests you.....
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adi05011990 Says 2011 passout Ec ...placed frm cllg in CORe company in GOA....basically hails frm north india .....left the job after 5 months in DEC now want to apper for CAT 2012 .........can i join a engg... College as a LECturer so tht my year does not luk lik i hav droped it...........or i hav a call from my friends Event managment company registered but not hav tht much brand name.........i hav interest in Event managment as my final goal is to CRACK the written then MBA interview....which work will suit me best to justify...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please revert i hav to join i 1-2 daays

Well, I would say Event Management is a better option for two reasons...

1. You get a first hand experience at management which can be projected in various ways when you get B school calls.
2. You are interested in it...

By working as a lecturer in an engg college, you would be restricting your knowledge to technical stuff alone. Thus, event management is a better option in my opinion.
:banghead:I know i may sound foolish to many people but please help me guys. I am a graduate 2011 batch . I have worked as a Testing engg for Ienergizer for 6 months and now as Software tester.

Now my problem is this that I want to do MBA but i have not given any exam like CAT/MAT/GMAT :banghead: . Can it be possible to take admission in some good B-School? I am thinking of giving IELTS for New Zealand colleges can somone help me out in finding some B-School outside India also.


Well you can always write CAT in November and considering that you are only 2011 graduate... i wonder what is stopping you ....!!!