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problem....plz help

my xlri bm interview- 6th march location- delhi
som iit-b interview- 8th march location- mumbai (2-6pm)
xlri pmir interview- 9th march location- delhi

now, how to give two different interviews in two different cities in consecutive days

i checked flight schedules

no reliable carrier ( air india, kingfisher and jet ) flies from mumbai to delhi after 9pm ( which i may miss if interview stretches even a little .....considering travel time frm iit to airport)

only goair has flights scheduled after 10 ....but from whatever most people have told me, go air is pretty notorious for dleaying ...even cancelling flights very frequently:banghead::banghead

considering the average 5 hr delay tat exist these days...wat m i supposed to do ::crazy

plz suggest how to appear for all these interviews

ps- both colleges obviously refused to consider any change in date, time or venue ::nono:

KAYAK Search Results

So many flights are available - and cheap too. I am surprised that you are complaining about a lack of flights on any given day/time on one of the world's busiest flight sectors (Del-Mum).

Has FMS finally started giving Profile based calls? I have a low score so no hopes actually. But best of luck to everyone getting thru

Any group for Noida/NCR?

Hey guys,

Looking at this thread I can recount how I kept hitting F5 on both the Pagalguy and XLRI websites. Created the scores out thread last year :)

Some pointers from my side:

1. There is absolutely no use to get predictions right now. This is not any judgement on the predictor's ability but think of it yourself - why waste time on something you know you cannot be fully confident about? you might be trying to ease your own pressure, but believe me this will not ease anyways until you get the final result.

2. I think the scores should be out today/tomorrow based on the patterns exhibited. However, as per their disclaimer it should be out by 31st Jan. Last time (and I think before that also?) the link got activated around 8:30 PM or so. I believe the morning 'connection failed' message was related to uploading scores. The website also says login to check your scorecard so something definitely changed there. But hang on tight. Check around 8:30-9 PM else wait for tomorrow.

3. It can get very frustrating to wait for results and the speculations surrounding it. The best advice there is to not fret about this too much and divert your attention elsewhere. Like this you are not only wasting time but also straining your brain and eyes uselessly. Go out - play, watch a movie, hit on the neighbour's girl (or guy as per your preference :)) - but stop speculating.

All in all test company keys do help and are generally quite right with cutoffs but can be off in terms of overall percentile.


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Career Launcher's Analysis. Interesting to see a little high cutoff for ARDM as compared to other analysis that were seen.
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thank you,
by the way i scored 9.2 in quant today. do you think that will be enough to clear the cut off for PMIR or overall score is 40.8

Easily. You'll definitely get calls if you have > 9 in each section above 32 overall. For both programmes.

Concentrate on the interview part now

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congo233 Says
dude, with that percentile i am sure you would have got a BM call as well. pls tell me you did!

My QA missed for BM by 0.2 percentile But it's fine. No regrets. I was anyways more interested for PMIR.

All the best to you.

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Hi ankit,
one query....
for the LR ques u mentioned.....
1...GD need to be together 2 ... A & B need to be in different cages....

Now if EARL (E) & Fala(F) are together....
then GDEF cannot be in PEN2( of 4 animals) since then A& b will have to together... so we have a situation GD /////EF...IN SEPARATE PENS...
now remaining are A,B,C.... IF YOU PUT c(custard IN pEN 1....THEN A&B; will again be together in Pen 2 aith E&F....;
so C CANNOT be in answer shud be option 2....custard IS IN pen 2....always TRUES...
PLEASE POINT IF ANY MISTAKE...i am pretty confient on this one


Yes I just saw this. I guess I acted too fast on this. Custard will be in Pen 2 always and should have been the correct answer. I guess I marked hurriedly.

Hope the cut off gets cleared. Didn't expect to clear but coming this close and missing would be bad All the best dude :)

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Hey Guys,

I never thought I'll be posting comments here as a 'veteran' but here I go :)

I had taken XAT last year and got a 99.92 percentile. Got a call for PMIR but couldn't convert my waitlist. My father insisted I take it again this year and I went in with Zero prep thinking it would be a good experience for next year when I do intend to take all these papers seriously.

So my thoughts:

1. The paper was definitely much tougher than last year. I thought maybe I had lost practice and thus found it that way. But when I cam out and saw that I had attempted almost 57 answers and people were complaining about lesser attempts, my initial thoughts of the paper being tough were confirmed.

2. The cutoffs should be about the same as last year (in terms of percentile) as the number of people taking XAT this year is almost the same as last year. I don't know if CF has the right numerics corresponding to percentiles, but whatever this was last year will pretty much remain the same.

3. In my opinion there are 3 institutes that give the best keys for exams

(in order of preference)
EduCorp - A well known venture in Chandigarh. These guys are just too good and they were the only ones whose verbal key matched the CAT official key when it was released (those who took CAT last year would know what I mean). I am not a propagandist but I genuinely feel these guys have the best insights. (EduCorp - Education for your Corporate Career)
TIME - Everyone knows why!
(T.I.M.E., Best coaching institute for online CAT, MBA entrance , IITJEE, IIT Foundation, AIEEE, GRE, TOEFL and GMAT.)
CareerLauncher - Their keys are also normally really good
(Career Launcher, Online CAT, CAT Online, MBA Coaching, CAT Preparation, IIM-CAT, MBA Entrance, CAT IIM, CAT Papers, CAT Coaching)

4. For institutes that are releasing/already released their keys, I feel TestFunda had a lot of problems last year in terms of answers. However, this time round it seems that they have improved upon this. Although there are still some doubts regarding a couple of answers (eg: in AR -> the set on the puppies, the answer for the second one MUST BE TRUE should be Gabino shares a pen with Blakely whereas TestFunda marks this as D which doesn't NEED to be true always)

5. I believe speculation is good, more so this year as CAT was online and extremely disappointing in terms of quality of questions, conduct and everything else actually.

6. All the best. Hope you guys clear this with flying colours.

My current score according to TF is 33.75 with 7.25 in ARDM, 17.5 in VA and 9 in QA (I believe the ARDM should be 8.5 and OA would thus be 35)

FYI - XLRI interviews, especially for PMIR, are the bomb - excellent people!


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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
In their latest statement released today, the India Institutes of Management claim to have unearthed patterns of problems faced by candidates during the ten-day period of CAT 2009 between November 28 and Dec 8. Asserting
Ankit Sood @str1der

Hey, shouldn't the above post say only 4% were affected? The pagalguy homepage says 96% Guess it's a typo?