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vikky2012 Says
They have called us on the basis of merit list as per written test examination. :)

I think the same .i.e we are called on merit basis. But there are people who say they have saw the list and the interview list was according to acknowledgment number. thats why wanted to confirm with u as u were of Obc category and called on 15th.
I was interviewed on 21st and cat OBC.

vikky2012 Says
They askd intro, abt my hometown, severance pay, wage differentials, factory act, maternity leaves, retrenchment and general ques.

kya lagta hai interview r on what basis ? merit ? because there where some UR candidate too called on 23rd ,,with ST
Priyapinky Says
as far as I know there are people who have their interview on 15th june n some others' 30th june.. so I think it's from 15th-30th june.. bt nt sure..

Pinky, where does your friends have interview from 15th, at banglore or delhi ?
parle Says
Interviews in Delhi are starting from 15.. anyone knw about bangalore?

no idea bro. m also confused with this one.
devangVJ Says
What is power sector and manufacturing unit of Bhel?

u need to wear formals .. simple shirt and pants. (jeans not allowed)

and I am also confused between these 2 i.e power and manufacturing unit but still. it be distinguished as production and manufacturing unit.
production unit is the one in which goods are made from the company's materials and in manufacturing unit raw materials are imported from various other firms for completing the target.

Interview Date- 15 June 2012
Place- Delhi

On the basis of written test merit, they have called us on different dates. All the best for your Interview.

Thanks vikky for joining our thread.
What is your category-
Hows your preparation for interview, are preparing conceptual?

my name is Steafean James . I grew up in Aurangabad. My father is a business man. I have done my schooling from KV and graduated with BBA degree with 76% from Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University.
My hobbies are swimming and playing Chess. Some of my strengths are psotive attitude and enthusiasm.

Can we have some more replies for this questions ?

and some more questions for today ?

kaur2020 Says u know their system of fixing the dates for interview...

What's your category ?

and hows your preparation for interview ?
coolutkarsh Says
21 june delhi 10:30am

what i your category coolutkarsh ?
Hello everyone am Priyadarshini sahoo I hv completed my BBA in the year of 2011. I am a very ambitious girl I always wanted to make my career in HR bcoz I think I will give my best to this job. I can well analyse things n sometimes I can handle the situations diplomatically.
My hobbies are cooking, making new friends, socializing, etc.
n my family consists of 4 members, my father is a government school teacher, my mother is a house maker n my brother is an assistant system administrator in TCS. So that's all I can say about myself.
Thanx :)

good Intro.but don't mention much about your family.

Short and precise is good always .
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