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ajus Says
Guys how long does CEIBS take to review the application and send an interview invite? And how long before they give decision post interview? Will the process be faster for R3, keeping in mind international applicants require time to make arrangements?

About a month for getting an interview invite.
20 days to get result after interview.
Guess for R3 it should be quicker.
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ajus Says
I totally agree with you - the waitlisted applicants act as buffer- the univ wants to wait through R2 to see if better applicants are applying. The 25% conversion from w/l can be found in National University Of Singapore : Full-Time MBA Profile - BusinessWeek. But it varies every year! By the end of April they will have an idea of the type of applicants in R2. So few of us might hear from NUS. AND it has a probability of going on till June too! In my opinion it all depends on the R2 applicants now. I a similar yet better profile applies; you are out.

Waitlisted guys!
I sent a mail to the adcom enquiring about the date of announcing the results for waitlisited candidates.
Got a response stating that it will be between April-June, depending on the strength of the candidates application.
No idea how to respond to this kind of a response.
I think the only option left for us is severe prayer and seeking forgiveness for our sins!
Yes, indeed - it is frustrating. It seems that many R2 applicants are frustrated with the wait time required just to have an interview scheduled. For us R1 folks who are waitlisted, here are some interesting things to consider:

1) At the rate NUS is moving, it seems that decisions for waitlisted candidates may not be made until late May or June!

2) Will the applications of R1 waitlisted folks be considered in parrallel to those of R2 candidates or will remaining R1 waitlistees only be evaluated after R2 decisions have been made solely on the basis of the R2 applicant pool?

3) How are double-degree applicants being considered? I would love to know this because so far, no one has announced an acceptance to any of NUS' double-degree programs. If you have been admitted, then please share the details!

4) How much priority/consideration will be given to R1 waitlistees who still remain interested in the school versus those from R2? As some of our interviews took place last autumn, some details may have changed and it seems appropriate for NUS to at least a) inquire if we are still interested, and b) perhaps conduct a short interview allowing us to share any new details.

5) Someone had stated earlier that about 25% of waitlisted folks are accepted but how does this relate to double-degree applicants? Also, it seems appropriate for NUS to contact waitlisted folks once R2 ends to confirm that they remain interested in the program, as many might have chosen to move forward with other schools.

All in all, it seems like a big mess, which is causing lots of uncertainty and frustration. I would hope that the school would contact waitlisted folks shortly after the R2 deadline to let them know what the process and timeframe are for evaluating waitlist candidates and making decisions.

Finally, I do have one question: does an accepted applicant need to have a health exam performed in order to apply for a student visa to study in Singapore? If so, what exams are required, an overall physical including chest x-rays, blood tests (for hepatitis, AIDS), and tuberculosis/syphilis tests? If anyone has gone through this process or knows about it then please advise. Also, for how long does the Singaporean immigration department recognize the vailidity of the tests once they are conducted?

Thanks in advance,

Not too sure about the double degree and health check up related points but on the other points i had some queries/thoughts myself.

1. Though the adcom responded that they will announce results May/Jun i read somewhere that last year, by April end some results on waitlisted folks were out.
(Can someone update us on when the R2 results are likely to be announced..?? I feel only once R2 results are out will they start reviewing the waitlisted folks)

2. I am pretty sure that the R1 waitlisted folks are just buffer and are used to fill up the slots in case an admitted applicant backs out, they won't be reviewed parallelly with the R2 guys.

3. I feel that waitlisted guys who are reconsidered for admission should be ready for another round of interview to update on any amendments or in case they have further clarifications to make regarding our profiles. Not sure whether there is an actual "waitlist" with serial numbers, preferential order for selection etc.

i am checking with the adcom on what the scene is regarding this, will post back here what the reponse is.
ajus Says
Wait Listed Folks!! Any sound from NUS yet?? The wait is simply maddening.

Nope! And i completely agree that the anxiety of not knowing the future course of action is killing me!
I think i'll write to the adcom asking them what the process is and when do they start considering the R1 waitlist for admission again.
Will post back what the response is (if they do respond).
Got my admit today :). (I was part of R2)

Congratulations!! Welcome aboard!
Hi folks
Wondering how many people from this forum have been interviewed and placed on wait list?? This will give some stats on the chances and may be an idea how NUS thinks . Many of the wait listed may have joined other better or equally good schools too.

Admit in CEIBS wait listed in NUS MBA after interview in early FEB . Sure there will be more chaps who have been wait listed and got admit in other schools.
Got Waitlisted after Interview :(
GMAT - 720
Exp - 7.5 Years, Telecommunications
I think that this time the schools are preferring the candidates with lesser work experience owing to bad placement scenario!
All the best to who all are awaiting results.

Couldn't agree with you more!
Actually have completely lost respect for the school and their seriously f****d up admission/selection process.
(Pardon the offensive language but am seriously pissed off!)
ajus Says
Why doesn't NTU Admissions team reply to mails????????:banghead:

hi man when did u apply for NTU MBA? I applied nov 15 absoultely no response from NTU . online status "Appln under review" :banghead::banghead:
when do u think we will know.
crackgmat_nats Says
I got through NUS!!! Received a mail from them today after exact 3 weeks since my interview

Hey congratulations.:clap:
Where you going to join? i think you also made texas A&M; right?
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National University Of Singapore : Full-Time MBA Profile - BusinessWeek

interesting stats on NUS MBA intake
25% of waitlist gets through.