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Hi Puys,

I am starting this thread to streamline all discussions about Stanford University for 2012 - 2014 aspirants.

It might be little early now to start this thread. Even Stanford website has not released the timeline for 2012 - 2014. The website still shows 2011 - 2013 deadlines (

Answers form my view :

1.Extra curricular activities.
3.Choose the 6 best awards/certifications that you think will show your leadership. It is a matter of "choose the best".
4.Again choose any 3 here.


Looking forward to your response for the following questions:

1. I have professional certifications like PMP etc.. Where should I add this information?

2. I have done non-profit jobs, where I did not make any money. However, ISB system does not let me enter the salary as 0. What do I do?

3. I have earned 35+ awards/ certificates in extracurricular activities like
debates/elocutions/personality contests etc. from school to college
How do put this information in 6 rows of 'Awards' section?

4. I have led various organizations in school/college organizations and the total is more than 7. How do I put this information in 3 rows under 'Activities' section?

Please advice.


Hi Menon,

I am working with a Multi-National Internet based product company.

I am building a venture out of my experiences in this industry. I have build a strong team to accomplish my goal. The team works under my leadership to bring out the product in around a year from now. Since I am a employee currently, I cannot make any record of my venture, which may threat my job.

My main motivation for ISB is that ISB has a lot of support for entrepreneurs. I believe I am surely one of them. I want to continue my working on my venture after my MBA. I want to apply all that I learn @ ISB to my venture. But unfortunately I don't have any filed record for my venture.

What are all the ways through which I can make the ADCOM aware of my position. Where can I provide support to my entrepreneur role. I understand essays are one place to talk about this. But won't that look like a story, If it is not backed up with records.

Can you please guide me on this.

Thanks in advance,

Your profile looks good in terms of acads and extra curriculars. Not doing UG from a reputed college and no international work ex might not have a great negative impact on your application (strictly my take).

If you are looking to improving your profile, you might consider joining an organized club / society and put in some quality time there.

If you are able to achieve your expected GMAT score and turn in a good application, you stand a very good chance of getting the interview call. From then on you will just have to prove that you will be a good fit in the school. ATB.

Thanks for your suggestions, Giri.

@ Apurv, Gabriel666

Thanks for kicking him out.

@ Bicardisprite, Apurv, Gabriel666

I just wanted to climb the ladder as soon as possible. In fact, I have to. Every one has a reason to do that. Thats why I made the first switch. But about the second switch to Google, I have not yet confirmed my acceptance. Should think before giving that. @ Amazon, I have done a good job. Before apping to Stanford, I can bring out some exceptional results out of my job. I have started a team @ Amazon, leading it and showing pretty good results.

Reg ECs, as every one say, I need to do something that interests me and builds my career as well as my personality. But most of my interests are geeky. I like to hang around with my laptop.

Learning new languages interests me. What else can be a good EC.

I have listed some of my interests.

- I do design good websites. Will it help to enhance my career, if my website gets me some good traffic. ( May not be as hit as pagalguy. )

- Finally, My research in the IT field has lead me to create some good product ideas. Will those thing help.

My primary reason for doing MBA is to start my own venture. I can link everything that I did in my life to that. My essays will reflect my struggles to start a venture and why I need a MBA.

I have been looking into this forums for about a year now. Since last year was too early for me, I thought I will apply this year. I can understand even this is early. But I hope there are people at Stanford in my age group too, even though the percentage is less. I like to be part of them. I don't think I lack talent or resource or background. I lack proper guidance. If you people can guide me properly, I can surely make it this year itself.

Can any one please give some suggestions.

- Shiva.

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See HBS and Stanford are in a different league. And they both rely heavily on blue chip experience. Once you have that covered with Google/Amazon, Stanford will also take a good look at GMAT/GPA. If you are strong in these two, your story starts building up. You need to connect them with some common threads and ECs form a part of these stories. You have to differentiate yourself so blood camps, giving tuitions, being a plain volunteer in x y NGO do not normally provide much strength. That is why you must find something you enjoy/care about, and give it enough time to show worthwhile results.

You have got the base to build up. Good luck.

Thanks again, absolutearoma.

Got a clear idea about what I need to do.
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Don't pay any attention to him. In the world of MBA forums you will find many such trolls.

Back to your original post. Stanford is the toughest nut to crack out of all of them. The company brand name counts for a LOT. So will your GMAT. I agree with everything Harsh has said...and i am afraid at this point your profile is a little weak for Stanford. Do not switch companies too much, take initiative for projects and show results. You really need good EC to seperate you from your tough pool. Find out 1-2 activities that you love/care about and dedicate enough time in them to show progression. Good luck

Thank you very much for your suggestions, absolutearoma.

What kind of ECs are considered great by the adcoms ? Just curious to know some examples.
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Clearly you have nothing great under your belt. Forget about great. Nothing even that clears the min threshold.

Your best bet is Emory, Kelley, Purdue et al.

I guess you get an idea of the difference in the schools I am suggesting and what you are aiming for.

No high GMAT will save you for a ride to HSWKMIT

Just curious to know, What are the minimum requirements for HSWKMIT.
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This is a weak profile. You will not get admitted to stanford.
Sorry to pull the rails under your ride.

Can you please explain why ? So that I can improve.
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Here is my profile.


Education :

B.E CSE ( CGPA : 8.91 )
XII ( 92 % )
X ( 94 % )

Work Ex. :

I graduated in 2006.
Worked for an Internet based MNC for 16 months.
Then switched to
Working here for the past 4 months. I started a team here @ Amazon. Handled all project management stuffs. Will be leading the team till I join MBA.
By the time I join MBA, I will have almost 3 years of Work exp.

Extras :

I am a part time entrepreneur. I was running a website for some months, after which I dropped it to get more expertise on business terms. My post MBA plan will be continuing that business.
I used to do a lot of freelancing. Created and managed a group of friends, who were interested in doing small projects at college.
Will do a lot of informational blogging.
Served as the 'Secretary' of a Student club during UG.

Community Services :

I have donated to poor and participated in NSS activities. Other than this I haven't done anything significant, Since I used to keep my self busy all the time with some entrepreneurial stuffs.

Expected GMAT score : > 750


Negatives :

Low work exp. ( ~ 3 yrs )
Not from a reputed College for UG.
No NGO stuffs
No much international work exp. ( have went once for a 3 week period for training )


Can any one please help me find whether I can get an admit in ISB. What are the things I need to improve to make my profile look good.